August 2, 2017

I wanted to post something yesterday about this because, well, yesterday was the official twenty-year mark for Rebecca Herbst on General Hospital.

I’ve been writing fanfiction about General Hospital for nearly as long as Becky has been on the show — I started with Elizabeth/Lucky fanfiction in 1998 back when most GH sites were on Geocities and we organized our fandoms by mailing lists, not message boards. Elizabeth and Lucky were my first love and my first foray in creative writing.

I can still remember watching that first episode on August 1, when Elizabeth showed up as a teenage badass who didn’t a give fuck about anything or anyone. I rushed home for a year to watch her scheme and plot to get the guy and then battle back from her rape. As I got older and busier with school, I wasn’t always able to keep up or record on our VCR, but I kept tuning in. I got a DVR in 2005, which made it a lot easier.

I loved Jason/Elizabeth from the moment I saw them on screen, but didn’t start writing for them until the summer of 2002 when I found The Canvas. Whatever that site turned into, I will always be grateful for them because I found a voice in my writing that hasn’t stopped since (despite a few breaks). I discovered many of the readers I still have today and also a group of amazing friends at Liason/Liz Underground who continue to be some of the strongest, funniest women I know.

I created Crimson Glass on September 19, 2002 but I started publishing fanfiction on August 3, 2002 at The Canvas with Deserving, a story that has been lost to rewrites, crashes, and being banned from The Canvas. It’s been fifteen years which seems insane to me but I wouldn’t change a thing. So I’m posting today, in the middle of these two anniversaries.

Elizabeth Webber remains one of my favorite television characters. I don’t always watch regularly these days because the rest of the show has never meant as much to me, but for twenty years, Becky has brought this character to life and I think it’s safe to say my life would be much different had she left the show as quickly as Jennifer Sky and the character of Sarah Webber. The character of Elizabeth was originally about fourteen or fifteen when she started (she turned 16 in 1998, then 18 in 1999), and I was thirteen so part of me feels like I grew up with her on screen. I will always remain #LizFanFirst.

Thank you for reading my silly stories and giving me a reason to keep writing.

July 28, 2017

With the completion of a Jason/Carly scene, I officially crossed the 50,000 word threshold for winning CampNaNoWrimo. I logged six chapters, and one scene from the seventh chapter as work I’ll be keeping and moving forward with. That’s about 30,000 words. Another 10,000 words for a draft I didn’t keep, maybe 10,000 for outlining and plotting out the new draft. The way NaNoWriMo works is that you have to write 50,000 words even if you’re not going to keep everything you wrote. I literally cannot remember the last time I wrote that much in one month.

I still have the rest of today and three full days so I’d like to write another 20,000 words to officially make it 50,000 words kept for Mad World, but we’ll see how it goes. As a celebration, I am posting two versions of a Jason/Elizabeth scene from the discarded draft. I had originally envisioned Mad World as taking place in 2004 in the wake of Sam’s pregnancy, Kristina’s paternity, and Cameron’s birth, but I’ve now moved it back year to place it in the context of the panic room storyline, keeping many of the same elements.

I’ll keep you guys posted for how it continues to go, moving forward into August. Make sure you’re following me on Twitter @crimsonglass, #crimsonglass for specifically CG related tweets.

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July 24, 2017

So I’m working on the logistics for Mad World — I wrote a ton, but then I had to kind of stop, and look at the product so far and start figuring out what I haven’t written yet and what order the scenes should go in. Something I’ve done to mostly keep myself on track about what’s happening when is to use dates at the top of every chapter or when a scene in a chapter happens on a different day.

I found myself doing it for Mad World and wondering if this is something I should delete from the final product? I mean, it’s useful to me to know so I can keep weekends straight and I don’t have two Saturdays or whatever. But is it something the reader gives a damn about? So give me a shout in the poll and let me know what you think.

July 15, 2017

I posted a new Micro Fiction, Birthdays and Anniversaries. It’s not connected to the last two mostly because I was n’t sure where to go next, and I saw this prompt. I wrote it about 22 minutes. I had set my timer for 20 minutes, but I wasn’t quite at an ending spot, so I cheated a bit 😛

Camp NaNoWriMo update: the writing is going well, but my schedule was cranky this week so I didn’t get as far as I wanted. However, what I’m writing I absolutely love. I have today and tomorrow completely off with only laundry to do, so I’m just going to write until I stop. I took a break to write this and I hope to get a Flash Fiction in tomorrow.

Make sure you’re following me on Twitter. I usually post about my writing progress and usually mark the timer for Micro Fiction, but I forgot today, haha.

July 12, 2017

Hey! Checking in to let you guys know what’s going on since there’s actually stuff to care about. I had back to back family parties this weekend and work, so I didn’t have energy for Micro or Flash Fiction. I’ll have them both this week at some point.

I wrote about 10,000 words for Mad World last week but it just was not working. I kept changing tiny pieces but it just felt like I was punishing myself for some reason. So I stopped on Sunday night and I just started writing about what I wanted the story to be. What story I wanted to tell, the meaning I wanted my characters to have.

And…I completely changed the story. It’s still called Mad World, but I’ve moved it to the summer of 2003 and made it almost a rewrite of the aftermath of the panic room storyline. And after that, I wrote 5000 words like it didn’t matter.

And this morning, I wrote a Jason and Elizabeth scene that was about 800 words in 20 minutes and I loved every single word of it. I think the story I’m going to tell now is so much better and I’m so much happier with it. So yeah, Mad World is going to be completely different but some of the same strains will be the same which is why I’m keeping the title.

I have to update the graphics for it since I dumped the entire Brooke, Alexis, and Ned stuff and the page will be updated when I have a chance. But things are going well with my writing for the first time in a year, and I’m really happy about it.

July 5, 2017

First, I just posted Micro Fiction #2: Spontaneous Combustion, Part 2.  It’s a crazy little story that probably isn’t very close to character, but I need to loosen up and just have fun. I’ve published more fiction in the last two weeks than likely the entire last eight months so I imagine you guys aren’t complaining 😛 I wrote it in about 19 minutes so I feel good about that.

I post on Twitter and Facebook when I set the clock for the flash and micro fictions, so make sure you follow me on both. At the moment, my Twitter is personal and related to Crimson Glass, so you’ll get both.

Camp NaNoWriMo is going pretty well actually. I’ve figured out what’s wrong with this draft and I found some fun ways to fix it. I like where it’s going. I’ve written 11200 words total, but since I eliminated some aspects, only about 3000 words are going to be kept after the month is over. I’m looking to get to my original 50,000 goal with the new version.

July 1, 2017

I know I said I was going to continue last week’s Flash Fiction, but Gayle Callen released Love With a Scottish Outlaw and it made me want to dust off A King’s Command. All parts of that story have been renamed, btw, so its A King’s Command, Part 1, Part 2, etc.

So enjoy Flash Fiction #11: A King’s Command, Part 5.

Today is the first day of Camp NaNoWriMo, which is similar to the November writing event except this fits my schedule so much better than November has the last two years.  I wrote over 2000 words today and hope to keep going tomorrow. I’m working on Mad World, so I can kind of do something different recharge my creative juices. So far it’s going well. I had written a bit of it before the kick off, and I have about 6000 words overall. I’m feeling better about my writing than I have in months so I’m looking forward to keeping the flow going.

Hope you guys are enjoying the updates!

Just a quick update to note some site cleaning up. I realized that I hadn’t updated my Recent Updates page since about September 1. This is the page that literally just lists what’s been added, updated, or changed without any of the chatter or fluff. It’s easier to keep up with what you’ve missed if you don’t subscribe to the website. That is now current through last night.

I also realized I hadn’t added the small ficlet I wrote last year, Cast Me Gently, to my Ficlet page. One of the things I want to do as part of my overall creative process is finish making the tiny little title images. They can often keep my creative juices flowing when I haven’t been able to write.

I plan to come back tonight with a Flash Fiction. Also, Camp NaNoWriMo starts today, so I’m going to be digging into that as part of my monthly priorities. Nora Roberts once said that you can’t fix a blank page and I’m trying to take that mantra to heart.

If you haven’t subscribed to updates from Crimson Glass, I encourage you to do so particularly during this period when my updates are erratic. I hope to be back on a regular schedule by the end of the year, but for now, getting an email in your inbox would probably be easier.  There’s a subscription link in the sidebar underneath Recently Updated Novels.

Thanks guys! I’ll see you later tonight!

June 30, 2017

I wanted to get a flash fiction done tonight, but I’ve been tired all week. Split shifts at work, dog sitting, and a low-grade sinus infection. Still, I’m committing to writing as often as I can so I decided to set my timer for 30 minutes and write.

I actually kind of like what I ended up with — I wrote it in about 21 minutes, and it’s inspired by the Catherine Gayle Thursday release, Power Play. If you love contemporary romance, you should be reading Catherine Gayle.

In other news, it’s been confirmed that Steve Burton is returning to General Hospital. I haven’t watched regularly in about a year or so, but if he’s staying long term and isn’t just a hallucination as rumored, it might just be the kick I need for my writing. To see Steve and Becky together again…*sigh* I liked Billy and I enjoyed watching his version of Jason up until the point Jason Morgan got his memories back. Billy made a good amnesia!Jason but he’s just not Jason Morgan for me, so I tuned out.

We’ll see what happens.

For now, here’s your first Micro Fiction: Spontaneous Combustion. I plan to come back tomorrow with a Flash Fiction, either continuing my Scottish romance or the mystery thriller thing I wrote last week. We’ll see what the muse wants to write.

June 23, 2017

So I was at the bookstore today and came across a book of 100 prompts for romance authors. I figured, what the hell. So I bought it.

My plan is to pick a prompt and write as many flash fictions as it takes to get to the end of a story. So hopefully, I’ll be back again next week. I wrote this in 40 minutes, but did not go back to really edit or do anything with it. I have no idea where it’s going or it’s going to make sense, but this is part of my practice to stop letting shit get in my head and just write. So I wrote.

Flash Fiction #10: The Wrong Place


Edit: Apologies — the link didn’t post at first, which is really gonna suck for people subscribing to this 😛