October 28, 2019

Your Update Link – Mad World, Chapter 45

I’ve been waiting the better part of a year to post this chapter. The first scene in this chapter was written in March, back when I’d only written about seven chapters of Book 2. I’d watched this video on Facebook that made me think this is what I wanted Elizabeth to be like when we got to this point. I’d seen the video earlier, but something about it rerunning this time inspired me to write a chapter that was still twenty chapters away.  So check out the video, read the chapter, and let me know what you think.

October 24, 2019

Your Update Link – Mad World, Chapter 44.

I can’t believe we only have a handful of chapters left! Only three weeks until the last chapter is posted. I’ve received such wonderful feedback on this story — I know that it’s a bit sadder and likely harder to read than others I’ve written, so I appreciate you guys sticking through it.

It’s looking more likely that I’ll be switching For the Broken Girl and Fool Me Twice in the Production Schedule. I’ve been working on piecing together the new draft of FMT and there are just so many moving pieces. I’ll be taking a different approach to writing this second draft — I’ll talk more about it as I get into it. I hope to start working on it today or tomorrow, depending on my schedule. Broken Girl is ready for NaNoWriMo. I’ll be blogging about it again at Dear Isobel, my books and writing blog.

See you guys Monday!

October 21, 2019

Your Update Link: Mad World, Chapter 43

This was one tough weekend. I installed an update early Sunday morning without doing a system restore point (NEVER AGAIN) and my computer crashed so hard I needed to do a factory reset. It then took the rest of the day to get my Dropbox files to sync to the new installation. I didn’t lose any writing — I generally don’t save any files on local machines because I used to use two laptops — one at home and one at work — so no worries there.  It looks like the only thing I lost was all my Sims 4 game saves which annoys me to no end.

In other news, I may need to be making some updates in my Production Schedule soon. I’ve been working hard on Fool Me Twice, but despite writing more than 6000 words last week, something just didn’t feel right. I realized I had left out important characters (Ava) and that I hadn’t paced the book quite right. I also didn’t have the right starting point. I can still use the majority of the 50k I’ve already written, but I need to reset and write a new first half.

NaNoWriMo 2019 is starting on November 1, and I’d already decided to start For the Broken Girl for this project. I’m not changing my mind on that. I’ve been struggling with FMT for the better part of three months and once I get the new outline in place, it’ll be good for me to take a break, dig into a less complicated project for a while, then get back to FMT.

What is probably going to happen is you’re still going to get a book in February — it just might be Broken Girl and not FMT. I figure you guys won’t complain too much. As long as I publish something on schedule, you probably don’t care which one you get. I hope so anyway.  See you guys on Thursday!

October 17, 2019

Your Update link: Mad World – Chapter 42

I put a content warning on this one because Elizabeth gives her statement to the PCPD and goes into some detail. You could probably skip the middle parts and be okay.

I keep saying it, but I’m looking forward to having the last of these chapters get posted. This was some of the best stuff in the story, for me, if you’re here for Elizabeth’s journey. (I imagine most of you are, lol). Particularly Chapter 45. I wrote and plotted some of this stuff before #MeToo hit mainstream, but revised and pushed some of the themes harder because of what’s happening around the world. The rape case definitely drew some inspiration from real world.

In other news, I made a lot of progress this week in Fool Me Twice. I’m nearly done Chapter 10 and I’ve been hitting my daily goals so I’m still on track to finish October 31. I’m going to attempt For the Broken Girl for NaNoWriMo this year. Usually my efforts in November are crappy at best — but in past years I’ve been juggling grad school and a second job. None of those things are true this year. I’m having my wisdom teeth out Nov 8, but I’m hoping to get off to a decent start in case I have to take those days off. (Let’s face it, I probably will.)

Hope you enjoy the chapter! See you guys Monday!

October 10, 2019

Your Update Link – Mad World – Chapter Forty

Hello! I’m not sure what happened to my morning, but I woke up at 5 AM, about 30 minutes too early, picked up a book to relax until I had to get ready — and then somehow it was 6 AM and I was running late. Listen. This life.

Super excited to hit this chapter! There are nine chapters left (can you believe that?) and we’re really getting into the weeds here. I was highly amused by how any of y’all were suspicious of Sarah. To be honest, I threw her in at the last minute to give myself something to work with in Book 3. I’ve got plans for her then, but she’s done for now.

I’m plugging along with Fool Me Twice, but a couple of my students are really trying my soul this week and I’m not writing as much at home. I write on my prep period and usually manage 1000-1500  words. I need to boost that by 1000 to get done on time. I’m going to put away a lot of work this weekend — THREE DAY WEEKEND WOOOOOT. I have my plans done for next week for the most part, so it’s a lot of relaxation and getting things done around the house. I hope to have a flash fiction but you guys know how my schedule gets.

October 7, 2019

Your Update Link: Mad World – Chapter Thirty-Nine

Another early morning update! I got my haircut yesterday and stopped by my parents’ new house and then my cousin brought over her three month old perfect baby, and well…my Sunday got away from me, heh.

Last week was killer — progress reports were due and students were rushing to catch up with all their work — I spent a few hours after school staying to help them. Crazy. Hoping this week won’t be as insane. I’ve been writing FMT (officially halfway done, so excited about that) and finalizing the plans to break them apart. I’ve also worked on the plot sketch for MW3. After FMT, I’m going to work on Broken Girl, then MW3, then come back to FMT, Book 2. So I want to be ready with the basics of the plot.

Hoping to get some flash fiction this week 🙂

October 3, 2019

Your Update Link: Mad World – Chapter 38

If you’re up at 6:15 AM, you’ll probably notice that this is being posted earlier than usual. I forgot to schedule this chapter and there’s no point in waiting now until 7 am. I’m tired, you guys. It’s progress report time and I’m chasing like 35 kids for missing assignments and tests. I can’t wait until 2:30 when I can just start putting 0s in. It’s going to be glorious.

Hope you guys like this — I should see you guys this weekend for some flash fiction.