Mad World

I don’t know what’s worth fighting for
Or why I have to scream
I don’t know why I instigate
And say what I don’t mean
I don’t know how I got this way
I know it’s not alright
So I’m breaking the habit



In November 2004, Ric married Alexis in the hospital chapel. I remember thinking that it would be soapy if Elizabeth walked in on him getting married five minutes after their divorce, and so I started to pen the opening chapter to the original Mad World. I kept writing Mad World off and on from 2004-07 which accounts for the plethora of characters added later, such as Robin and Patrick.  It got messy and off track, and I was never happy with it. However, the original is online and I even posted the original sketch of the ending for some closure. You’re more than welcome to read it.

Last summer, I started a rewrite with the idea of continuing the rewrite of fall 2004, but I found that I wasn’t entirely interested in the original Jason and Elizabeth storyline I had begun at that point, and I had another kind of interesting idea. I moved the story a year earlier for a reason that will come out later, and then started write Mad World as the fallout of the panic room.

And then…I decided I wanted to rewrite the panic storyline. That’s where we are today — a trilogy of massive proportions in which I rewrite basically all of 2003. The first book is the panic room storyline, the second story is the fallout and a PCPD investigation that involves Jason and Liz, and then third book is…a secret 😛


This story begins in June 2003. A lot of what happened in the months leading up to that date are basically the same. Jason and Courtney were dating in secret before being forced out and are planning to get married. Ric came to town, has been working with Faith and Ned to take down Sonny. (Initially, Ned did team up with Faith, though his connection to Ric was much more loose). The only aspect of 2003 I did not adopt was the shooting at The Cellar because I wasn’t interested.

Audrey has passed away in January, Emily did not return in March 2003 so her breast cancer storyline isn’t here. Zander left town in the fall of 2002, as did Gia. Taggert, however, didn’t. Nikolas went to London with Laura in the fall. Lucky took over the club, and Lulu went to stay with Bobbie since Lesley also went to London.  Dillon came to town and is dating Georgie. I’ve aged the teen scene just slightly so that everyone has graduated PCH.

That should be all of the changes and notes you need to know.

I’m still working on the character section. Some photos are missing and others need to be updated.



Elizabeth Webber


Jason Morgan


Sonny Corinthos


Carly Corinthos


Bobbie Spencer


Marcus Taggert


Scott Baldwin


Ric Lansing



Lucky Spencer



Kelsey Joyce




Ned Ashton




Mac Scorpio





Brooke Lynn Ashton





Alexis Davis




Floyd Capelli



Kevin Gail


Book I: Break Me Down


Set Summer 2003

Nine months earlier, Elizabeth Webber stormed out of Jason Morgan’s penthouse, declaring their fledgling relationship dead in the water. Even as they try to stay away from one another, the universe drags them back together. Scared and pregnant, she agrees to marry Ric Lansing despite his troubled past and hatred for Sonny Corinthos—Jason’s best friend and his new fiancee’s brother. Elizabeth soon suffers a miscarriage, putting her future with Ric in doubt.

The night Jason is due to marry Courtney Matthews, Sonny’s pregnant wife, Carly, goes missing, and the only suspect is Ric. When Jason and Sonny arrive at the Lansing home, they find Elizabeth showing signs of being drugged, and Ric smugly declaring he never left the home. Before they can investigate further, the Port Charles Police Department gets involved, complicating everything. Jason and Sonny are not only searching for Carly, they’re trying to fend off search warrants and vendettas.

Sonny starts to fall apart while Jason tries to get Elizabeth away from Ric and find out what happened to Carly. Elizabeth refuses to go—convinced she can do better to stay in the house and help Jason with access to Ric’s papers and property. Nine months of staying away from one another hasn’t changed anything, and the more they work together to find Carly, the more they remember exactly why they fell in love in the first place. Elizabeth’s determination to find Carly may cost her own life—how much is she willing to risk?

Book 2

Book 3


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