The Witness



In 2006, there was a challenge at The Canvas, in which an author would receive a title and would have to write a story accordingly. I received The Witness from IsisIzabel, and somehow this story came about. It’s literally one of my favorite stories I’ve ever written and still the one I get asked about (the only one that’s completed, that is), inquiring about a sequel. I always feel slightly guilty since this story, though originated on a Jason/Elizabeth board, is barely Jason/Elizabeth. Their friendship is in there, and if I ever wrote the sequel, I’m sure a romance would be in there. It just never fit the plot.  If anything, this story is much more Patrick/Robin and Dillon/Lulu.


Set in late May 2006. It’s been so long since some of these storylines happened, I can’t really remember what was going on with Sam’s surgery. She was shot, and there was a brain surgery, so in this story I have Alexis whisking her off to a clinic to keep her away from Jason’s dangerous life. Lucky is addicted to pain killers, Maxie has told Robin about John Jacks’ paternity. Robin and Patrick are dating. Dillon and Georgie are still struggling with their marriage, and he has just returned from the Maarkaam Islands with Lulu. And rereading this, I miss the crap out of Dillon.

Enjoy this. I had a blast rereading for typos as I moved it over.


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