Surviving the Past


Inspiration & Disclaimer

Special thanks to Carla (kcke2pen) for supplying this story–one that’s been lost to me for nearly a decade. I wrote this story in September 2002, and it is the oldest piece of writing on this site now, with the exception of pieces of The Sisters. I won’t discuss too many personal details, but when I was eighteen, I learned some information about someone really close to me that made it very difficult for me to do with. I  used the experience in a fanfiction in order to deal with how I felt it about it. I hadn’t realized I wanted to write about it until several chapters into this story, which is why the tone is different a little later on. I would normally rewrite a story that has such a sharp change, to make it meld better, but after nearly twelve years, I feel like I owe it to that girl I used to be to leave it intact as I originally wrote it. I won’t pretend, however, that it’s the best story I’ve ever written, but there are pieces of it I’m really proud of.

This story is not particularly chipper. It deals with severe child abuse, and I’m more like the character of Emily in this, the hapless friend who learns of the abuse too late to do anything, than I am anyone else, but even that is very fictionalized. (The Law & Order fetish is all me, however :P)


This is alternate universe story, in which no character has the same history as they do on the show so forget everything you know except what I tell you.  I will say the rereading this that I’m surprised at how much I changed the way Jason acted after the accident. I’m not sure I would have done that today, but eh, you make choices 😛


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