January 6, 2019

I feel like I do a lot of apologizing these days. I had every intention of doing a flash fiction marathon, but my holiday week off just got away from me. I’ve had trouble kicking the last cold I got right before Christmas (even now, I have some lingering chest congestion).

Since I finished Mad World last summer, I’ve really struggled with writing more.  I’ve only managed six and a half chapters of the sequel, a handful of flash fictions, and maybe one or two short stories. My NaNo project crashed and burned, and even my plans for the next season of Damaged can’t seem to get off the ground. You guys are probably used to this by now — I have these huge bursts of productivity, and then I can’t seem to relight those fires again for months.

I think I just really don’t know how to pace myself and recharge my creative fuse. I don’t really know what makes me go into those weird bursts or how to keep them steady over times. I want to pay more attention to my process this year to see if I can crack the code.

I also think I have to get used to just writing whatever my muse wants and not forcing myself into things because I made promises. So here’s what I plan for Crimson Glass this year.

  1. I’m going to stop promising Damaged Season 3. I have all of the plots, I just can’t seem to write them and I hate going back on my promises. So I won’t give anymore dates. You’ll get Damaged 3 when it shows up and it’ll be probably a surprise.
  2. I’m going to write at least two novels this year. I don’t know what they’ll be. I love the idea of having you guys vote on my projects, but I think I’m just going to have to let my muse direct me. I have something I’ve been thinking about all the time and I think I just have to let myself go and write it.
  3.  I’m going to turn my attention back to getting ebooks up, including short story and novella collections. I may have polls to vote for that. I think they’re a great resource, particularly for people who like to wait until my stories are gone to read.

At the moment, I’m not sure when you’ll be hearing from me next because I don’t really have anything in the pipeline and my semester is starting in two weeks. It’s my last semester, and I am really looking forward to not juggling graduate school and a job at the same time. I also have a few possibilities for a full-time teaching position next year so fingers crossed that 2019 is my year 🙂

I really want to have the sequels to both Bittersweet and Mad World done this year, but Bittersweet is proving to be a bit tough in the plotting because all I know for sure is that Jason and Liz are going to return and I’m going to deal with Brenda.  I set up a lot of bread crumbs in the first story to give me a lot of options, and I’m not really sure which ones I want to pick up on yet.

The odds are that you’ll gt Mad World, Book 2 sometime this summer and the full-length version of Kismet, my flash fiction series set in 1997 with an aged Liz, but you never know what will happen.

Happy New Year 🙂 Make sure you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe for updates so you never miss anything!

August 10, 2018

Hey, it’s time again — what’s going in my writing and at Crimson Glass in general. I try to do these every couple of months so you can see what I’m working on. If you have a question about something that I didn’t cover here, please feel free to ask!

At the Site

  • I’m doing some behind the scenes work — fixing broken links, cleaning up the Workshop and the discarded material. Just some under the engine work y’all probably won’t notice.
  • I have lot of plot sketches and material for stories I ended up not pursuing, and I want to find the best way to post this material for you guys. It’s been kind of set off on the page in the side and it’s been a list of posts.

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April 28, 2018

Thank you for all the kind words and condolences. This last week has been rough, mostly because I really was only able to take one day to even deal with my grandmother’s passing to go to her funeral. Even then, I had to find someone to cover my shift at my second job, go to the grocery store and prep lunches for the rest of the week. I’m still supposed to write a paper for Monday, and I just can’t seem to make it happen. I don’t know. I’ll get through it, finish up my next semester in two weeks and then crash I guess.

Anyway, I wanted to throw together a status post to let you know where I’m at and what to expect for the rest of the year.  I finish student teaching at the end of this week and my last paper is due May 9. After that, I’m just going back to my regular double job life. Hopefully, next year, I’ll get a full-time job so I won’t have to work two jobs. I do have to write a research paper at some point in the next year, but I haven’t decided if I want to do it next fall or spring.

Site Status

  • I desperately need a new layout, but I just haven’t felt up to creating a new one. These last eight months or so have just been personally exhausting.
  • I want to get back to doing ebooks but its fallen off my radar for the moment.

Story Status

In Progress

  • Bittersweet – This remains in the same place as before. I still have to finish the the last five chapters or so, and about five or six need to be beta’d. I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to finish it up by the end of May and sent it over to Cora. I don’t know yet when I’ll start posting it again.
  • Damaged – My God. I sometimes feel like Season 3 will never happen, and I’ll be real with you. The major problem I’m having is that I set up a story in Season 2 with the murders at the end.When I started writing Season 3, and I just don’t want to write the original idea so I’ve been trying to get myself out of that. I’m also playing around with the pacing and amount of episodes. This is going to happen. I just…ugh.
  • Mad World – This is a work in progress. I’m refining my outline so I can set up bread crumbs correctly. I wasn’t expecting to still be writing Bittersweet in May, so that threw off my entire schedule. I know how Parts 1 and 2 are going to work, so as soon as I figure out the ending for the whole thing, I’ll be working on it this summer.
  • Fool Me Twice – I’ve moved it out of workshop because I’ve figured out the major plot points and how to make it flow. I just have to sit down and work it out. I’m torn because I think the only way to do this is to make it an alternate version of the show like Damaged, but I’m not sure I have the energy.


  • Sky is Falling – I want to get back to this idea because I really love it. But I have to flesh out the world a bit more, figure out all the relationships so I can push it forward.
  • Scottish Romance — A lot of y’all have been writing in about this one and it’s on my plate, I promise. I wrote myself into a corner because I feel like I hurried the romance and the relationship and I also didn’t know who the villain would be. I’m working on it and I hope to bring it back soon.

Coming Soon

There are a few stories I’ve got tucked away in outline status, including some old ones that were around from before the five year hiatus from 2008-2013.

  • These Small Hours – a rewrite of the post-Kate shooting that has Johnny/Nadine and Jason/Elizabeth taking on mob romances, bad drugs, and complicated relationships.  It’s actually mostly outlined, it’s just been sooo long since I’ve really written Nadine in a canon story, I want to make sure I have her voice nailed.
  • Feels Like Home – this is the rewrite of Tangle and I’m still outlining it. There are some aspects that haven’t fit in neatly.
  • Counting Stars – this was a story set in 1999 that I’m still dealing with some kinks in. I had another idea for another version of 1999, and I haven’t decided if I want to find a way to merge the idea or make them separate stories.
  • Fallen From Grace – This remains in the same position it was a year ago — I’ve outlined it but I’m not sure how I want to end it. It’s a rewrite of 2006 with Nikolas/Robin, Patrick/Elizabeth, Lucky/Sam, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted those to be my ending couples or not.
  • Collision – another version of 2006 with a kind of Cassadine twist. I’m not sure if I want to incorporate pieces of this into Damaged or make it a separate story.
  • For the Broken Girl — another version of 2006 with  focus on Lucky’s drug storyline. I wanted to find a way to have that story use Jason’s past with Lucky more effectively, I just haven’t worked out how to approach it. My original version was a rewrite of the summer and was super twisty and angsty. My second go was to take the story back to spring and rewrite Sam’s shooting. I’m still working it out.

I have a lot of ideas and a lot of content planned. It’s just a matter of my life letting me get to it.

October 28, 2017

It’s been about two years since I did a full status update of where I am in my site and writing projects. Mostly because I didn’t have much to update you guys with. That’s changed in the last four months (yay!) so I wanted to publish an official status update.


  • I need to update the layout. This is on my list of things to do, but it’s low on the list of priorities.
  • I have the poll for the next ebook. I’m gonna work on it, but there’s no ETA on release.
  • Most of the site features I wanted to add have been done. I’m almost finished the By Title Page. If you can think of anything I can add to the site that you might want to see, let me know.


Current Projects

  • Mad World – I’ve been working on the revisions but it’s been slow going mostly due to my schedule and my own issues. I’ve struggled with a chapter structure, but I’m going to stop doing that for now and just finish revising the story and hope a chapter structure will come later.
  • Bittersweet – This story has been on hold for more than a year and I’m definitely ready to bring it back for NaNoWriMo 2017. I lost a bit of the juice to write it, but I’ve been recently refreshing myself on old-school Liason scenes and I’m excited to dig back into it.
  •  Damaged – Ugh. Where do I start? It’s frustrating because so much of this story is clear to me, but there’s on storyline that I started in the end of Season 2 that I ended up not really wanting to write. I have to figure a way to finish it without hating myself for being lazy. I don’t have an ETA for this but I’m hoping in December to go after the episode breakdown for the millionth time and to finally make some progress so I can write it in the first half of next year.

Upcoming Projects 

  •  With Bittersweet and Mad World in the middle writing stages, my brain is always turning to what I might want to work on next. I have a lot of options for the next project. Here are some of them:
  • Collision is a project I started about a decade ago and then shelved after my hiatus. I had originally intended it to be like Damaged, an alternate version of GH but I obviously do not have the energy for a second go at that. It’s set in 2007 and intended to be about Helena’s final revenge on the Spencers. It would draw in a huge amount of the canvas. I posted some deleted material ages ago. I want to dust it off and revise some of the original ideas to make them better and streamline it to be a concrete story without more closure to the ending.
  •  Burn in Heaven is a sequel to A Few Words Too Many which would feature the return of Faith. I had two versions of it in Fiction Graveyard, both started back in 2004/2005. An updated version of that would include Faith teaming up with Anthony Zacchara to take on Jason and Sonny, and it’s set in 2007.
  • Feels Like Home is a re-take on Tangle, the first long story in Hand Me Down, my other alternate GH reality. It’s trippy realize we’re now closer to the year in which its set (2024) than I am to the year in which I wrote the first version (2008).

Stories In the Pipeline

  • `There are some stories I haven’t really fleshed out as well as I would like. The stories above are basically planned out and plotted with scenes ready to write.  These are sort of in the middle ground — more than concepts, but I’ve been playing with all the elements. Here are some of the ones that are probably closer to going into full production:
  • For the Broken Girl is set in 2006 and the thought is to revisit the aftermath of the drug storyline. I love most of the summer of 2006 and into September, but I think the writers could have pushed it further instead of getting tangled up in the mob storyline and the paternity mess. I have a lot of ideas for it, but I haven’t quite settled on exactly where to pick up the show.
  • These Small Hours is set in 2008 and is the aftermath of the Sonny and Kate wedding disaster. The main struggle I have with this story is that Johnny Zacchara and Nadine Crowell are at the forefront and it’s been ages since I wrote them in a huge way. They’re supporting characters elsewhere, but they share the lead with Jason and Elizabeth in this. I have to track down scenes with them in it to get the cadence of their characters again. But I love this story and this idea and I’m gonna write it if it kills me.
  • Fallen From Grace is mostly plotted out but I’m torn on the ending. I played with the typical couples here (it is not straight Liason/Scrubs but rather them as well as Liz and Patrick, Nikolas and Robin, and also Lucky and Sam.) But I haven’t decided if that’s how I want the story to end. I don’t know. I’m still playing with it.
  • Counting Stars is set in 2000, before Lucky comes back but after Jason leaves. It’s going to deal with Elizabeth dealing with Jason leaving, Nikolas kind of getting in touch with his Cassadine heritage and some of the stuff. It’s not Niz by any means. I just haven’t really settled on how I want to write the story.

That’s all the stories I have in my head, in outline status, or am currently writing. I’m throwing around other concepts (in the Workshop) but none of those are full-fledged ready to move into production either.

In November, I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo again with the intent to get as close as possible to finishing Bittersweet. Best case scenario, I finish that story which means I can turn my attention to Damaged and Mad World in December. My plan is to have Mad World and Bittersweet with my beta by the end of the year and bring back Bittersweet first in January, post that twice a week for about three months. Then Mad World for three months, bringing us to about June.

The idea is that the six months it takes to post both those novels will give me a chance to write Damaged Season Three and the next project, which I hadn’t settled on yet. I hope to not go more than a month without posting here once January starts. I’ve said that before but this is the first time I have a ton of completed material that mostly just needs refinement and revision.

I will not be doing Workshop projects in November, but follow me on Twitter or check out the sidebar widget I added that has my Twitter feed in order to keep up with how things are going. I tweet a lot about GH and writing mostly, and I’ll be checking in daily on NaNoWriMo.

February 20, 2016

Happy Saturday! I hope you guys enjoyed the end of The Best Thing (and by the responses, you guys did, I’m so glad!). As promised, the pink has gone. We have new colors, I fixed some long standing color issues and design kinks.  Here’s a status update so you can see where my head this 🙂

Site Status

Looking back to the August status update, I only managed to check off one of the items on that list of things I hoped to accomplish, namely I added the By Length feature. As far as I know, all stories that need to be have been tagged, so if you’re looking for stories based on how long they are, that’s the feature for you.

I did, however, overhaul the layout of the site and add more functionality and decluttered the page. Hopefully things are easier to find now. Let me know if they’re not.

What I want to concentrate on this year is mostly the ebooks. I introduced the idea but I’ve never put the time or effort into releasing one every month, which shouldn’t be that difficult. So that’s my plan to get on that schedule, beginning with The Best Thing this weekend.

Fiction Graveyard has not return because the stories that are left require heavy editing and it’s pretty annoying to do it, ha. I do plan to finish that section, but I’m not going to pretend I know what it’ll happen. It’s not a priority.

Just for a bit of fun, Crimson Glass has 893 posts, 98 pages, and 1,253 comments. We average anywhere from 200-900 views a day, which is pretty awesome. I’m pretty happy with the traffic and community that’s built up over the last two years.

Story Status

I’m going to try to be as comprehensive as I possibly can about all the projects on the table.

Bittersweet has nine chapters written, but I’m working on handful of scenes before I email the chapters to Cora. Once I finish those scenes, I will immediately start writing the next chunk of chapters, with the plan in my head that by the time Cora returns the first nine, I can send her the next nine. And then, with sixteen-eighteen chapters actually completed, I’ll start posting. I want to have a huge buffer because I don’t want to have long periods of time without posting.  The March date is not going to work, but if I can finish those six scenes this week, April might work better.

Damaged is being pulled off the March schedule as well. While I have the overarching Season 3 stories planned, actually finding time to write them has been very difficult. However, like Season 2, once I get into writing it, it will go much faster. I’ve been studying the structure of episodes written for television. Grey’s Anatomy has a similar structure with season long stories, bigger and broader storylines told over several seasons, and then smaller stories broken up. I think modeling that structure will make the story feel more satisfying. I’ll keep you updated.

After that, my schedule is a bit more fluid. I plan to do Mad World, which is outlined and storyboarded. I just haven’t written it yet. I’ve taken Feels Like Home and Burn in Heaven back to the outline stages–there were some pieces that just didn’t work for me, so before I try to work on chapters, I want to make sure the flow works better.

These Small Hours, Counting Stars, Fallen From Grace, and For the Broken Girl remain in outline status. They haven’t moved up in priority, but every once in a while when I want to work on something fresh, I pull them out.

So where does that leave us? No stories until April at the earliest? Maybe. I hope not. I’m working on some smaller short stories. I had some ideas for a collection of alternate universe stories set in different historical periods. Some of those are closer to being written than others. I know I promised more content this year, and I still want to do it. I could start posting Bittersweet tomorrow, but it’s not ready and I’m not satisfied with it yet.

I’ll keep you guys posted and hopefully will have some great short stories for you soon!

August 22, 2015

So it’s been about six or seven weeks since the last update. I wanted to give you guys some concept of how we’re going to go forward into the fall since I’ll be juggling five classes and a part-time work schedule (and baby-sitting nieces and nephews!)

Site Features

1. I want to add a new sort feature that will give better ideas on length. If you want a full-length novel (more than 50,000 words), you’ll be able to find that. If you want something shorter, you can go to novellas, which will range from 15,000 to 50,000 words. Everything else will be in that short story, ficlet range where it already exists.

I had contemplated reoganizing the site and moving stories around to reflect this change. For example, a story like Spinning On An Axis which has always been located in the Alternate History section would move to the novellas area, because it’s about 32,000 words long. But instead, I’ll just tag it with the word “novella” the way I would tag it with a character or couple featured, so if you wanted something that was mid-sized, you could get it.

Adding this feature may seem like a waste of time, but sometimes the chapter length doesn’t give you an accurate idea of how long something is. For example, Spinning is 15 chapters long. Shadows is only three parts, but it’s 20,000 words. You’ll have a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

2. On the subject of adding more usefulness to the sort features, I want to start working on adding summaries to the Sort By Title page. I think that this is probably the most visited page in that section, and while I do list where the story is located, it still doesn’t give you enough information to decide whether you want to read it. This is going to be kind of time-consuming, so I’ll be working on it on and off in a separate file. There are around 100 stories listed on the site at the moment.

3. I need to be better with ebook releases. I still haven’t added All We Are, even though the ebook for that is finished. It needs to be converted into two other formats. But I’ve been meaning to set aside one day a month to do ebooks so I can do a new release every month. I hope to fix that going forward, but we’ll see.

Those are the major site changes I’m planning. They go along with the normal stuff — I’m working on a fall layout, but it’s taking longer than I expected since I’m rewriting the WordPress theme code to better reflect everything I’ve learned.

Story Status

The Best Thing – So I’ve finished writing through Chapter 30. I’ve planned and storyboarded through Chapter 35, which with the addition of an epilogue, will complete the story. I’ve tentatively scheduled myself to finish the last five chapters this weekend and part of next week, but definitely by September 1. I’ll continue posting once week to give me a finish date (projected) of October 10.

Damaged – I have done a ton of work on this story this last week and have planned the major storylines through the end of Season 2 and Season 3, with some tentative work on Season 4. At the moment, there’s no plans to go beyond Season 4. I may do a wrap up Season 5 depending on how things unfold as I continue writing.

If everything continues to go to plan, Season 2 will finish on October 8. I’m not positive about when Season 3 will premiere. I took a month off between seasons last time, but it wasn’t enough time, to be honest. I’m thinking a premiere date of December 1 would be the best bet, but it might move up depending on how things move along.

For example, I’ll be finishing The Best Thing by September 1, so while I’ll be working on the next story, I might take the opportunity to write two episodes of Damaged a week. If I can finish writing the season sooner than October 8, I’d feel more comfortable bringing it back in early November.

I can’t make any promises since I don’t know how heavy my schedule will be.

Bittersweet – Because I’ve been concentrating on completing The Best Thing by September 1 and Damaged Season 2 by September 15, I’ve pushed Bittersweet to the back burner a bit. It’s the still the next story I’m working on, but I’m glad I decided not to start posting it this week. I’ms still looking at a mid-September, early October launch. I should know by the time I finish writing The Best Thing.

Other Stories

Up Next: Burn in Heaven, Mad World, and Feels Like Home are all on the roster to be written next. I know I’ve been saying this for a year, haha, but as I remarked before, I’ve been burnt out on writing Liason 2004-08 just due to the elements that have to be dealt with. I have no problem writing Sam and Courtney, I’m just tired of writing the baggage, and all three of these stories incorporate it to a certain extent. So I’ll be taing a break to work on Bittersweet, then coming back to these three projects.

These Small Hours – This story is still on my radar, make no mistakes about it. I’m eager to get back into it, but the outline is coming out right because it’s more ensemble than I had anticipated in the initial outlines. It was originally going to be straight Johnny and Nadine with Jason and Elizabeth as supporting characters, but I underestimated how much I would have to deal with Sonny and Kate, and when you deal with them, you have to deal with Jason and Elizabeth more.

So I’m trying to shift it so that it’s written more like The Best Thing, only in reverse with Jason and Elizabeth as the semi-main characters but it being Johnny and Nadine’s story. TBT has Jason and Elizabeth as the main characters with Sonny/Carly and Nikolas/Emily, with some Steven thrown in for good measure. Like Sonny and Carly, the Liason subplot will be fully fleshed out, but won’t steal the focus. That’s if I can make the outline behave.

Counting Stars – I’ve been tempted to sit down and just write this story because it’ll be less than a full novella. It’s kind of like All We Are with an even more narrow focus and less twists and turns. I could probably write it in about a week if I had no other distracts, and doing that and posting it would give me more space to work on more intensive story.

Any other stories not mentioned remain on the drawing board. 🙂

July 10, 2015

I’m leaning towards trying to do these status updates once every two months 🙂 So here we are.

First, an overall update for my writing in general. When I returned to writing in February of 2014, I had about three straight months of prolific output. I wrote all of A Few Words, a few short stories, a few novellas and delved into The Best Thing and Damaged. Due to my dissertation, moving back home from London, and then being ill for several months this last year, I started to lose my mojo.

But not only has my health straightened itself out, so has my general disposition. I was feeling a bit low last winter–a job I had hoped for after my masters degree didn’t pan out, so I was unemployed for several months. I started working finally in February and then really started to pick up hours in April, so it’s no surprise that as my spirits picked up, so did my writing.

I took a mental health break for about two months, but since I started writing again in May, I’m writing better than I have in years. I found a way to focus myself and stay on task and I’m really looking forward to continuing my updates. You guys were so wonderfully supportive last summer and then this winter when I struggled. I’m ridiculously appreciative.

In Progress

Damaged – Season One has wrapped up. Season Two has been largely storyboarded, though I’m still working out a few various details. I’ve written the first episode and plan to do two or three more episodes over the next week now that I’ve gotten myself back into the groove with my writing.  I have vague concepts for Seasons Three and Four so I can start planting small hints and laying foundation now. The website was relaunched.

The Best Thing – I was struggling a bit with this story, mostly because as you guys know, I’ve tried really hard to do all the characters justice, including Sonny who’s struggling with a mental illness I’ve only seen on television. So I wanted to do more research into actual people who suffer from it, and how it might affect someone with Sonny’s specific personality. I also was feeling weary of writing it because I knew I had so much story left to go. Not that I don’t still love it, but sometimes when you’re writing a long story, you can start to get fatigued and it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So I looked again at my plot and moved some things around and cut some things in order to keep the tension and the pace in the story moving along. I feel a lot better and cranked out four chapters in four days last weekend. I hope to do it again next week once I’ve put away more of Damaged, Season Two.

All We Are – A few weeks ago, I wrote Chapters 9-13 over a weekend, then I took a break, and in about three days, I finished the story. So, it’s seventeen chapters long with an epilogue. It still needs Cora to sign off on it and some cleaning up, but I’m going to start fixing up an ebook. I plan to post one chapter a week until about August 10, so hopefully the ebook will be ready by the end of the month so I can do a giveaway.

What’s Next?

Now that All We Are is finished and The Best Thing will be wrapping up soon, it is time to turn my attention to a story to work on next and to have ready to post when TBT is finished (I’m leaning towards posting it during the hiatus between Season Two and Three of Damaged).

I haven’t really settled on it, but I’m leaning towards Bittersweet, my summer of 2002 rewrite. There are a few reasons for this — while it’s not as developed as some of the other stories on my coming soon list, it’s set in 2002. For the last year, I’ve been pretty solidly set in 2003-2006, dealing with Ric, Sam, Courtney and all the stories that unfolded after Elizabeth walked out on Jason in October 2002. I’m a bit burnt out on this era, so I wanted a break.

So, I’m playing with Bittersweet today which has a ton of work done with it, but I haven’t pulled any of it together into a cohesive concept and outline. I may change my mind, but I think I’m pretty sold on this.

And once I have my breather from 2004 and 2006, I’ll be turning my attention to Mad World and Burn in Heaven, both of which are outlined and storyboarded, I just haven’t wanted to write them quite yet. So since I usually work on two stories at once, Bittersweet is taking All We Are‘s place and I think Mad World will likely settle into The Best Thing’s slot once I wrap it up.

All the other stories on the coming soon page are still in active development. I pick them up, play with outlines and scene ideas, but I haven’t found the sweet spot for any of them yet. Their time will come, I promise 🙂

May 15, 2015

It’s been a long time since the last time I did one of these posts, so I wanted to do an update so those of you looking for a specific story will know where it is on the drawing board.

Because I haven’t done one of these posts since February (wow!), this will be a full update as a lot of things have shifted around priority wise.

In Progress

Damaged is finally back and rolling along. I’ve completed five smaller episodes over the last two weeks out of a planned thirteen in the first story arc. I plan to take two weeks between story arcs to recharge and devote time to other stories. Also, I hope to get in a habit of completing the episodes on the weekends so I can write other things during the week. It may take some time to get into this habit, so I hope you guys are patient with me. It’s taken me a year to get back to Damaged this way, and I don’t want to lose the flow while I have it.

The Best Thing and All We Are are in the same boat, so I’m doing them together. I’m having a bit of trouble getting back into both of them, but have stuff written for both. I hope to get into them over the next weeks and be posting them again sometime in June, but  for me, once I lose a story, it can often take a bit of time to get back into it. I’m frustrated by that since both stories were rolling along fine before I lost them.

Planned and Upcoming

Mad World and Burn in Heaven are both outlined and I’ve been working on scene break downs. There’s still some refinement that has to happen so I can’t give you guys an ETA on this. I expect Mad World to be my next Alternate History.

Bittersweet and Untitled 2003 Rewrite are both in the outline stages. They’re both intense and complex and will be super long (like The Best Thing) so I’m trying to line it up that once I start one or both of them, I have no other major projects to distract me. Possibly will dig into them during my summer vacation.

On the Drawing Board

Counting Stars, Fallen From Grace, For the Broken Girl, These Small Hours, Illusions are all in the outining stages and there’s no ETA on when they’ll written. It just matters if something starts flowing for me, and I haven’t opened most of these files in a few moths.

Untitled Alternate Universe – An homage to Nora Roberts’ Chesapeake Bay quartet, it wasn’t much more than an idea but I was a bit burned out on writing GH canon (my alternate histories that take place within the universe of the show). So I opened it up and started to play with it. It’s working for now, so it might be along soon but I’m going to try to have it be finished before I post anything.

February 21, 2015

So honestly, not much has changed since last month. I was sick for a lot of the time and was trying to play catch up with current projects.  I’m back to work now and anticipate working at least four days a week for the foreseeable future. This is actually a good thing as it’s going to allow me to finally get into an actual schedule. Left to my own devices for so long, I actually end up spending too much time procrastinating and not enough time writing. Super excited.

So I’ll list the projects that have changed or been added since I last posted. If something you’re looking for isn’t listed, then just scroll down to January’s update.

The Best Thing – I’ve finally figured out how to end this since I changed my original outline. I had a concept that could have extended the story another ten or so chapters, but I’m tweaking it a bit so that the story still feels wrapped up but there are enough breadcrumbs laid out so that if I wanted to revisit this particular story universe, I could pick up some of the loose threads. But we’re looking at about 42 chapters, give or take one or two on either side. I’ve written up to 21, and posted 19, which means I’ve only got a buffer of two more chapters. I’ll get ahead again next week.

All We Are – I got stuck a bit writing Chapter 8, which you’ll understand better when I post it in a few weeks, but we’re past most of the heavy relationship stuff and moving into the plot so it’ll go much faster now and I should finish writing it sometime in March.

Damaged – I don’t have an ETA for a return on this, but I’ve been working on the storylines a bit this morning and I think I fixed one of the problems that was holding me back. I have a few more story notes to work on, then some episode outlining, but it’s back on the radar.

Mad World – Right now, I’m developing a more detailed scene breakdown, which I’d like ready when All We Are is finished being posted sometime in April.

Bittersweet – I’m still outlining this story, so expect it to show up after Burn in Heaven, which is after Mad World. I have a lot of fun stuff planned for this story and I’m sooo excited to write it since I haven’t written 2002 pretty much since 2002 actually happened, ha.

Untitled 2003 Rewrite – Originally conceived as a possible I Shall Believe rewrite, but quickly morphed into an entire rewrite of the fall out of the panic room storyline, so there’s that. This is still in the brainstorming stages, but it’s going to be an interesting one.


Yeah, not much change going on, I know. I’m looking forward to not being sick, to working and getting a new car so I can go write at Starbucks without borrowing my dad’s. 😛

January 15, 2015

Your monthly ramble about what I’m writing now and what I’m planning to write next.

In Progress

The Best Thing – The ending of this story is still in flux. I made a story change that affects how long the story will be. I can do two things: I can gloss over some of it in a few chapters or I can use it as launching pad in a possible sequel to continue the progress. I’m not positive which way I’ll go yet but I should know within a few more chapters. The story, as always, works in fits and starts mostly because of writing in Sonny’s POV with his disorder. I’ll be able to talk more about the changes once we hit the section of the story where it comes into play, but a lot of what’s happening Chapter 18-Chapter 21 or so were scripted another way.

Anyway. At the moment I’m typing this, I’ve completed nineteen chapters with an eye towards getting around to about 30 by the end of the first week in February.

All We Are – I hit a bit of bump after  I completed Chapter 7. Not because the story is difficult, I just haven’t had a ton of time to write it.  I’m planning to stake out some space in Starbucks over the weekend (and maybe even tomorrow) to knock out another chunk of chapters. I plan on posting the first chapter on 30 January 2015 and then once a week for a bit.  As I always mention, this is a relatively straightforward story that doesn’t depend so much on character as it does on plot, so when I sit and write it, it flows relatively well. I just have to…sit and do it.

Damaged – Oh my God, it’s actually back in the status list after completely disappearing for some time. If you visit the site, you can probably see that it’s in maintenance mode because I’m doing a few things with the site, but I walked away from the story just to see if I could come back to it with any kind of enthusiasm. I haven’t quite mastered the enthusiasm but I’m sitting back with some of the concepts and I’m tweaking it. It’s back on my radar, so it’ll be back.

Life For Rent – It’s about to be moved from in progress to series, so there’s less pressure on me to get it going with the second part. It’s on my radar and it’s actually relatively well plotted and story boarded. I just…have to sit down and tweak a few things. Honestly, I could get hit with the muse and it could be started tomorrow. There’s no reason it hasn’t been written yet except I haven’t gotten around to it. Ha.

Turning Points/Come On Eileen – Pretty much in the same both. At some point, I’ll deal with them. I promise. That’s why I leave them on the in progress page so I don’t forget.

Coming Sooner

Mad World – I’m pretty well settled on this story being next in the rotation which I plan to start digging into as soon as All We Are is finished being written. It’s plotted and storyboarded (with a few minor exceptions). I’ve even worked out the sequel in some fashion so I can lay breadcrumbs. I still want to run it by a beta reader first for thoughts, but yeah, it’s as ready as ready can be.

Burn in Heaven – I’m still ironing out plot details. The overall outline is done but the timing of some incidents is still be worked out and the ending is still a bit vague. I know how I want it to end, but I’m not positive how to get the scene to unfold in a believable way. But it’ll be here soon enough.

Coming Soonish

Counting Stars – It’s relatively in the same space I was the last time I discussed it.  My first pass at the outline was a bit superficial in some ways, so I wanted to pull it back a bit. I haven’t had a chance to go back and work on the outline, so until that happens, it doesn’t move up on my radar.

Bittersweet – So the thing about this story is that I swear it’s a rewrite of The Sisters, but not a rewrite of that story as it existed on this site. It’s actually a rewrite of the Luis Alcazar storyline, which The Sisters is supposed to be about. Because ha, The Sisters is a rewrite of Deserving, which is my version of Alcazar. I know it’s convoluted. Anyway, in my outline, I’m actually rewriting Jason’s entire return. I have a ton written for this, and like The Sisters, it is going to be a series (or least two stories with an open possibility for a third). I’m still working out the large picture details, but I have a ton of individual scene ideas.

The odds are that of all the stories in this section, you’re more likely to see this before you see anything else because it’s working for me right now in a way that some stories haven’t and you never disturb the muse. But I still want to do Mad World and Burn in Heaven first.

Fallen From Grace – This is basically in the same place it was before — I’m debating revisiting my original outline to see if I want to play with it a bit or write it as I had originally intended. It’s pretty low on my list priorities at the moment but I’ll come back to it because there were some scenes I wanted to work with.

For the Broken Girl – I’m still doing the background research on this since it’ll deal with drug abuse and domestic violence–cheerful, right? I’m also trying to visualize how I want the first half of the story to work and the ending. It’s one of those weird stories where the middle scenes are so detailed in my head that what I know about the story is already 5000 words, ha. Yeah. I just have to continue my research.

These Small Hours – It’s the age old question — when is this coming back? I’m still working on the outline, I know. I’m sorry. It’s been a tough one to reoutline because I want it to work for all the characters and aspects. My original outline ignored everything in favor of the Johnny/Nadine, but it doesn’t work that way. I’ll get it there, I promise. I just..have a lot going on in my head.

Illusions – I haven’t even looked at this story in a few months. I have some research to do on New York City in the 1940s, Pearl Harbor and whatnot.

Stories and Concepts

Collision – The issue with this story is that I actually have it mostly plotted out and broken down into scenes, but it was going to be a rewrite of the show on the same scale that I’ve done with Damaged and honestly, that’s not something I can deal with now. So I just want to pull it back a bit, I have to do some cutting and refining. I haven’t really sat down to do it, but I still love love love the concept I had for this story and I’ve never really seen it anywhere else.

Heaven Forbid – This story is going into the trash heap. I’ll be posting the discarded plot sketches shortly.

Inside Your Fear – It’s waiting to be reoutlined. I had envisioned it as a short story, but it’s not going to work that way. Probably going to be a full length story when I get around to it, but more novella than novel. Think maybe a bit longer than Shadows.

Slide – As the sequel to ISB, it’s still going to get written, I just haven’t quite done a lot with the concept. I have a feeling the major reason I haven’t worked on it much is that I’ve fallen out of love with ISB quite a bit. It’s the same reason why Burn in Heaven as a sequel to Poisonous Dreams never quite worked out, though my dislike for ISB is not at PD levels so it’s not likely I’ll rewrite ISB, ha. I just have to get over my issues.