May 26, 2018

Hey! I put up another chapter of Smoke and Mirrors. I’m not going to kill myself trying to get two or three scenes for each chapter and making sure each chapter is like 5000 words long. I’ll write whatever gets written and there’s the chapter. Thanks for the feedback so far. I hope you guys like where it’s going.

Chapter One

May 24, 2018

I took a lot of this week off, mostly due to a cold that disrupted my plans. But I slept in a lot, relaxed. I didn’t even work on the third paper that I need to finish for this semester. I’m trying to recharge.

One of the reasons my longer stories take so long to get to you guys is I’m trying to complete them in advance and go through beta reading, which is not something I ever did when I was writing a decade ago. In fact, back then, I had three or four stories in progress at all times which was sometimes a good thing, sometimes not. I still tended to write more.

So I’m going to start posting a second story — one that I don’t schedule regular updates. You guys will get updates when I write them, which means it may be a while between chapters or they may come daily, depending on the muse. I’m trying to take some pressure off myself.

This is an alternate universe story, a reworking of the Homecoming series from the Workshop. I’ve posted the prologue of Smoke and Mirrors, and hopefully it’s something you guys like.

I also did some housekeeping — updated the By Title page, added some missing stuff to Short Stories and Recent Updates, etc. So the site is current again. I hope to be back writing more regularly.

May 6, 2018

In an effort to bring back Workshop Sundays, I bring you A Sign of Life, set in 1999. It’s an idea I’m workshopping and hoping to turn into a longer story.

I’m almost finished everything that needs to be done before I can really take a break. Teaching requirements are done, student teaching is over — I just need to write two papers. I can’t wait to really get back to writing!

April 28, 2018

Thank you for all the kind words and condolences. This last week has been rough, mostly because I really was only able to take one day to even deal with my grandmother’s passing to go to her funeral. Even then, I had to find someone to cover my shift at my second job, go to the grocery store and prep lunches for the rest of the week. I’m still supposed to write a paper for Monday, and I just can’t seem to make it happen. I don’t know. I’ll get through it, finish up my next semester in two weeks and then crash I guess.

Anyway, I wanted to throw together a status post to let you know where I’m at and what to expect for the rest of the year.  I finish student teaching at the end of this week and my last paper is due May 9. After that, I’m just going back to my regular double job life. Hopefully, next year, I’ll get a full-time job so I won’t have to work two jobs. I do have to write a research paper at some point in the next year, but I haven’t decided if I want to do it next fall or spring.

Site Status

  • I desperately need a new layout, but I just haven’t felt up to creating a new one. These last eight months or so have just been personally exhausting.
  • I want to get back to doing ebooks but its fallen off my radar for the moment.

Story Status

In Progress

  • Bittersweet – This remains in the same place as before. I still have to finish the the last five chapters or so, and about five or six need to be beta’d. I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to finish it up by the end of May and sent it over to Cora. I don’t know yet when I’ll start posting it again.
  • Damaged – My God. I sometimes feel like Season 3 will never happen, and I’ll be real with you. The major problem I’m having is that I set up a story in Season 2 with the murders at the end.When I started writing Season 3, and I just don’t want to write the original idea so I’ve been trying to get myself out of that. I’m also playing around with the pacing and amount of episodes. This is going to happen. I just…ugh.
  • Mad World – This is a work in progress. I’m refining my outline so I can set up bread crumbs correctly. I wasn’t expecting to still be writing Bittersweet in May, so that threw off my entire schedule. I know how Parts 1 and 2 are going to work, so as soon as I figure out the ending for the whole thing, I’ll be working on it this summer.
  • Fool Me Twice – I’ve moved it out of workshop because I’ve figured out the major plot points and how to make it flow. I just have to sit down and work it out. I’m torn because I think the only way to do this is to make it an alternate version of the show like Damaged, but I’m not sure I have the energy.


  • Sky is Falling – I want to get back to this idea because I really love it. But I have to flesh out the world a bit more, figure out all the relationships so I can push it forward.
  • Scottish Romance — A lot of y’all have been writing in about this one and it’s on my plate, I promise. I wrote myself into a corner because I feel like I hurried the romance and the relationship and I also didn’t know who the villain would be. I’m working on it and I hope to bring it back soon.

Coming Soon

There are a few stories I’ve got tucked away in outline status, including some old ones that were around from before the five year hiatus from 2008-2013.

  • These Small Hours – a rewrite of the post-Kate shooting that has Johnny/Nadine and Jason/Elizabeth taking on mob romances, bad drugs, and complicated relationships.  It’s actually mostly outlined, it’s just been sooo long since I’ve really written Nadine in a canon story, I want to make sure I have her voice nailed.
  • Feels Like Home – this is the rewrite of Tangle and I’m still outlining it. There are some aspects that haven’t fit in neatly.
  • Counting Stars – this was a story set in 1999 that I’m still dealing with some kinks in. I had another idea for another version of 1999, and I haven’t decided if I want to find a way to merge the idea or make them separate stories.
  • Fallen From Grace – This remains in the same position it was a year ago — I’ve outlined it but I’m not sure how I want to end it. It’s a rewrite of 2006 with Nikolas/Robin, Patrick/Elizabeth, Lucky/Sam, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted those to be my ending couples or not.
  • Collision – another version of 2006 with a kind of Cassadine twist. I’m not sure if I want to incorporate pieces of this into Damaged or make it a separate story.
  • For the Broken Girl — another version of 2006 with  focus on Lucky’s drug storyline. I wanted to find a way to have that story use Jason’s past with Lucky more effectively, I just haven’t worked out how to approach it. My original version was a rewrite of the summer and was super twisty and angsty. My second go was to take the story back to spring and rewrite Sam’s shooting. I’m still working it out.

I have a lot of ideas and a lot of content planned. It’s just a matter of my life letting me get to it.

April 22, 2018

I probably won’t be around for a while. Maybe a week, maybe more. I don’t know. I don’t really know where my head is right now.

I’ve written about my grandmother and her struggle with Alzheimer’s. Aside from my parents, my grandmother was probably the most supportive person in my life. Anything I ever wanted to do, she told me I could do. When I wanted to start working as a substitute and I didn’t have the money for background checks and fingerprints, she gave it to me. She was just always there for me, so the last few months as her Alzheimer’s got worse was horrible.

She passed away yesterday morning.

I don’t even have the luxury of being able to stop and process. I’m finishing up my semester, I have student teaching to finish, papers to write. Assignments. I have to go to work tomorrow. I have two observations left or I can’t get my license. This probably won’t even hit me until we celebrate Mother’s Day and she’s not there. My birthday next month, and her not being there. My nephew’s birthday. My niece’s. Christmas. God. All the moments she was a part of, and we didn’t know it would be the last time.

So I just wanted to say I’m disappearing for a while. It might just be a few days, I just don’t know. I didn’t want to disappear without saying something.

April 18, 2018

Apologies for the lack of a chapter this week. This semester has just been beyond exhausting, and my beta, Cora, is also dealing with a lot at her job. We’re both creatively exhausted, which has slowed the process. I have about seven more chapters finished and maybe five or six left to write.

My question for you guys is would you rather that I just hold off coming back to post until I’ve finished those last five chapters and all the chapters are through the beta? Or do you mind the chapters coming irregularly? Let me know by commenting.

Another note: Fool Me Twice is now out of workshop. I’ve worked out the kinks in the general plot, so now I’m going into outline mode. I figured out how to merge the two stories I had and basically turn Jason’s return into a much better storyline that uses the entire canvas more effectively.  I have to update various parts of the website to reflect that change. I’ll keep you guys posted.

The light is at the end of the tunnel. I finish student teaching on May 4. My semester is over May 7, and after that I’m just doing my regular jobs which gives me more time for writing. I reallllly miss writing. If I can get my paper done this week, I’m hoping to use some of my extra time next week for it.

Anyway, let me know how you guys want to handle the last twelve chapters of Bittersweet.

April 3, 2018

Thanks for your patience guys with our mini hiatus. I’m hoping we can keep to the once a week schedule going forward, but hey, if I don’t promise it, it doesn’t end up being a lie. And at least I posted a short story for you during the hiatus 🙂

Posting this early because at this point, most people will read it tomorrow anyway.

Bittersweet, Chapter 22

March 31, 2018

I was really disappointed in the GH anniversary episode. The flashbacks were nice, but they didn’t feel all that connected to what was happening on the screen. It felt like random people put in the room. Also, Elizabeth didn’t get nearly the kind of prominence a character like her deserves. So I rewrote the episode, and yeah, it’s heavy on Elizabeth and Jason. That’s who I am as a writer, and it’s also where I think they should be. They’re two hugely popular legacy characters with a deep history and connections to basically everyone on the show. They’ve also barely shared any screen time in the six months Steve has been back.

So this doesn’t use all the vets the show did, but I still tried to do the same stories. Writing Mike’s scenes was hard. My grandmother is dealing with dementia, so I wrote his conversations to mirror the way my grandmother slips in and out. And the regret and worry I feel for me and family. I hope you like this.

The Years Go By

March 21, 2018

Hey! So I got really sick this week and have spent the last day in bed, hacking up a lung. I’m also working on my edTPA application, which is this insane testing thing I have to do for my teaching certification. It’s an obnoxious experience but I spent $300 so failure is not an option.  Cora also got a great opportunity at work, and all of this has put us behind in the beta process, so we’re taking a break.  I’ll be back the first week in April.