January 6, 2018

I updated Bittersweet, Chapter 7 and also cleaned up the Workshop page to make it more clear what is what. I added a new series there — deleted scenes — and took those posts from the Previews page.  So now Previews only has excerpts and previews for upcoming stories, Plot Sketches are outlines of stories I’ve written or discarded, and Deleted Scenes (found on workshop) are outtakes and alternate scenes for stories I’ve already published.

I also updated the Recent Updates page to be more current. That’s the best place to go for a complete list of updates if you’ve missed a few days rather than scrolling through the blog.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Workshop update as well the last edited chapter of Bittersweet before new material is published on Monday.

January 5, 2018

Hey! So it’s a double update tonight. I have another scene from Fool Me Twice for this week’s workshop.  I wrote it in about 32 minutes because I don’t have an hour for it tonight, but I’m off from work the entire weekend, I should be able to carve out another 30 minutes to make up the time sometime Saturday or Sunday.

You also get the next updated chapter of Bittersweet tonight. I’m soooo excited about posting the next chapter on Monday. There’s so much awesome coming in this story, guys, and I cannot wait for you guys to read all the new material. Some of my absolute best Elizabeth stuff is in this story.

So: Fool Me Twice, Part 3 and Bittersweet, Chapter 6.

I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

January 4, 2018

I’m telling you, there are days when I feel like prayer works because we got our blizzard, woot! I mean, not here in Camden County but it’s bad enough that my school district closed and my second job at a tutoring center just cancelled for tonight. Freedom, my friends. FREEDOM.

I’m posting early so I can get to my other daily tasks this morning and spend part of the afternoon writing. I’m excited about where I am in Mad World, so it’s been frustrating not to have time or energy to write. This nine day practicum is a super waste of my life because the guy I’m with teaches science and social studies, I’m only there to see social studies, and he does, at best, an hour spread over three block periods. Ugh.

But I’m super excited for student teaching, which will give me a lot more control over the composition of my day, and I’ll also be done work an hour earlier (going in an hour earlier, but oh well). We’ll see how the schedule goes.

There is some good news on the Bittersweet front. I stopped writing it about three weeks ago, and then yesterday and this morning, I reread the material I had written, and there are still problems but I don’t think I have to do anything super drastic to fix them. Just edit a few things, change the POV for a few other scenes, but I feel better than I did before.

Here is your updated Bittersweet, Chapter 5. See y’all tomorrow.

January 2, 2018

Apologies for the late posting. Today was my first day student teaching, and then I had to go to my second job, and then I had homework. Ugh. I can’t wait until the weekend unless the snow-pocalypse they’re threatening for the Delaware Valley gets school cancelled Thursday. Here’s hoping.

Chapter 3 of Bittersweet, edited

December 31, 2017


As promised, Bittersweet finally returns! From today, December 31 through next Sunday, January 7, I will be reposting Chapters One through Eight. I’ve made some small cosmetic changes as well as fixed some continuity issues.

I wrote those chapters in November 2015 before I had plotted the end of the story, so a couple of lines had to change. I definitely recommend rereading if you haven’t read the chapters in a little while.

Starting January 8, I will be posting new chapters of Bittersweet on Mondays and Wednesdays. Posting Bittersweet will take about four or five months depending on a few factors.

I’ve run into some issues writing the last few chapters because I’m unsure of a plot point. I have some ideas to fix it, but I might have to write a few scenes to make it work. I’m still playing around with it, but it really shouldn’t effect the story until we get into March, so I have plenty of time to complete it. I also might be overthinking the issue, which means I don’t have to fix anything and I can just finish writing the story so you guys don’t get any interruptions.

So here is today’s update: Bittersweet, Chapter One. It has been updated here, at Archive of Our Own, and at Fanfiction.net. I am not updating it at Road to Nowhere. I’m not super wild about the transition to Tapatalk and haven’t decided if I’m going to keep posting there.

Also, Sean Kanan is AJ in my head, but I made the graphics for Bittersweet before I had decided that, so it’s still Billy Warlock. I have to fix that when I get a chance.

Workshop: Fool Me Twice

Thanks so much for the responses to Fool Me Twice. It’s definitely a struggle to write for Elizabeth in 2017, but as always, I’m trying some things out.  There are three reasons I wanted to workshop FMT rather than doing my usual process: I wanted to be sure I could write the characters as they are today, I wanted to figure out the supporting characters, and also it’s a current storyline. I wanted to write my version of it before I got influenced by what’s happening on screen.

I will probably workshop the entire main story and then go through and edit and add on to it. So it might feel choppy, it might  not feel as fleshed out as my usual work. It’s mostly me trying to get my thoughts out. Please tell me if the flow isn’t right, if there’s something you think I should add. An aspect I’m not dealing with. The workshop is where y’all get to beta 😛

Fool Me Twice will be updated in the Workshop at least once a week on Fridays. I may or may not toss some micro fiction writing sessions in there sometimes, but they will not be planned. As always, check out my Twitter feed (which is also on the sidebar) because I post

when I start the clock. It will be updated Friday evenings, between 6-9 PM EST.

Mad World

I did not get as far into my new draft this last week as I wanted to. I talked a few weeks ago about how I had re-envisioned Mad World into three parts of an overall story — and the first part requires me to rewrite the panic room storyline.

I’m trying to write a version of Elizabeth who would actually stay in the house without being the gullible idiot she is so often forced to be on the show. It’s like writing Sonny for The Best Thing. Writing that story took two years because I needed Sonny to be just right. Elizabeth is going to deal with a lot of things that real people deal with and I just feel a responsibility to make that actually feel realistic. I’ve heard from some people about Sonny in TBT that it was mostly authentic and that meant a lot to me.

So Mad World is just more difficult and draining than I had anticipated, but it’s moving along. I just have to set more realistic goals for myself than I did originally.  I will keep you all updated.

Other News

+ I’m playing around with longer synopses on the In Progress and Alternate History & Universe pages. Right now, there are just vague tag lines. But I wanted to try to write something a bit longer and descriptive, akin to what you might read on the back cover of a paperback. I posted a new synopsis for Bittersweet on the In Progress page, so let me know what you think about that.

+ I haven’t forgotten my other workshop series. I’m still not satisfied with the magical story, Homecoming, so expect a new opening for that. I really really like the idea I have for that story, I just have to find the right way to present it. I’m also working on the Scottish story and some thoughts about some of the others.

+ I was thinking of writing something less intense than Mad World for the next project and maybe dipping into a new time period. So far since I started writing again 2014, I’ve written for 2003, 2004, 2006, and now for 2002 and 2003 again. I plan on ordering the Liason DVDs for 2007-08 this spring, so it might be time to bring back These Small Hours, which is a lot more action and plot oriented than Mad World. Still thinking that over.

+ Damaged is still on my plate. I’ve got so many ideas, it’s just been difficult to figure out how to make them all work. I’ll keep y’all updated.

+ If you’ve been listening to my chatter for the last two years, you know I’ve been pursuing my teaching certification. This is the semester when I finally get to finish it. I’ll be student teaching fro January 2 through May 4. I’m teaching U.S. History I at the high school level, and I’ll have six classes of about 150 kids. I’ll be writing my own lesson plans, doing my own grading, etc. It’s going to be crazy and it has to absolutely take priority.

The good news is that I’m only taking on other class and I reduced my hours at my other job to make my schedule a bit more less evil like it as last semester. I don’t know yet what the impact on my writing will be, so we’ll play it by ear. Luckily, Bittersweet is designed to take us through most of the semester, so you won’t see too much of a difference.

December 26, 2017

I’ve been playing around with a couple of plot ideas for rewriting the fallout of the two Jasons and the Friz engagement. I decided, for various reasons, to workshop this plot to make sure it works and to deal with any kinks. I’m not a Friz fan, and Franco makes me want to vomit, so don’t worry about that. It’s also not a straight Liason romance, though it’s a Liason friendship story.

I wrote it in 45 minutes. So enjoy, Fool Me Twice: Part 1 1. I’ll be back with Part 2 on Friday, and then Bittersweet starts up Sunday, December 31.

December 25, 2017

I’d wanted to write a story for Christmas for a few weeks but my schedule prevented from doing anything in depth. I really wanted to write a sequel to my 2014 AU, All I Want For Christmas, but I couldn’t quite settle on a plot.

So instead of writing a full-fledged sequel, I wrote a second epilogue in the style of Julia Quinn’s second epilogues for her Bridgerton series. It’s a peek into Jason and Elizabeth a year after the first epilogue.

So refresh yourself on the original: All I Want For Christmas and then read the second epilogue.

I also did some housekeeping and the soundtrack is now embedded on the main page.

Merry Christmas! I’ll see you guys on Friday for the Workshop.