These are the little extras I’ve put together for the people who visit my site.  It ranges from the basic (a coming soon page) to the elaborate (ebooks!).

  • Coming Soon – Stories I am currently outlining or storyboarding. There’s no ETA on these stories, but to get a flavor of what you might be able to expect, this is a good place.
  • Previews – This ranges from previews of upcoming chapters and upcoming stories to unreleased material.
  • Music – You can find links to my music profiles, favorite artist/song of the week, and musical spoilers.
  • Story Status – Once a month, I sit down and type up where I am with certain ongoing stories and future stuff. If you have a question about one of the stories on this site, that’s a good place to start.
  • Polls – Pretty straight forward.
  • Ebooks – Right now I only have ebook copies of A Few Words Too Many and Daughters. It’s kind of time consuming to put together ebooks, particularly when stories aren’t formatted for it. Going forward, once I complete a story, they’re all be available in ebook form.
  • Character Guide – A brief guide to minor GH characters who have either been off the air for more than five years or were only on very briefly. Also includes information about original characters.


  • I would love to see ebooks from the fiction graveyard as well as your stories from Alternate Universe and realities. I use a kindle to read my stories as I can’t ready really really small print.

    Also I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get Good Associations via pdf to read?

    keep up the good writing.

    Mendy Wilson

    According to Mendy Wilson on December 7, 2014
  • Hey! Thanks so much for replying. I’m working on more ebooks, but the process is super time consuming since the majority of my stories are not formatted in a way that easily lends itself to ebook creation. So it’s usually several hours of formatting before putting it in Sigil, and then more time setting up the book. Reading through for typos and format problems — it’s easily a six or seven hour job. But it’s totally in the process for several novels, and will be more available in 2015.

    As for Good Associations, I don’t have it in pdf at the moment, but I think I can probaby get it set up sometime this week. Also, if you’re on Windows, you can increase the text size of most web pages, including this one by pressing the CRTL button and the plus sign at the same time. (and then Ctrl + 0 to reset it)

    According to Melissa on December 7, 2014
  • I was on tonight searching for another story when I came across a story written by you I have not read before titled Tangled. It was published on in 2008 and the last chapter was 15 posted on 02/10/2009. I searched over at RTN for any updates but the last chapter posted there was 12. I searched Crimson Glass. Just wondering if you will be updating Tangled at some point?
    Would love to read about how Elizabeth reacts to her kids seeing them after so many years and if she remembers more of her life in PC, Jason, her kids and the citizens of PC.

    According to retiredlady on September 13, 2015
  • Hi! So Tangled is part of “Hand Me Down” which you can find under Alternate Realities. I am actually rewriting it sometimes this fall or early this winter. It’s definitely still on my radar 🙂

    According to Melissa on September 13, 2015