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This page describes all planned stories that are on my drawing board. For the most part, I plan on writing them all. Some of them are rewrites (Mad World), some of are holdovers from the last time I was an active writer (Fall From Grace, Collision, Slide), and some are newer creations (Counting Stars, Heaven Forbid). You may find stories listed here as well as on the in progress stories. I’m relatively fluid — some stories start moving faster than others, so it makes sense to list them all here and move them over as they move up in priority.

This page is divided into several sections:

  • Novels: Alternate History, in which case the stories are listed in chronological order by the period in which they are set, beginning with Counting Stars in 2000.
  • Novels: Alternate Universe, in which case the stories are listed alphabetically.
  • Short Stories and Concepts, which are listed alphabetically. These are stories that are not particularly long or not altogether plotted.

Alternate History

Counting Stars
Set in 1999. When rumors spread that Jason and Elizabeth are sleeping together, there are more than a few interested parties. His ex-lover, Carly. Her dead boyfriend’s family. His sister. Her grandmother. And possibly the PCPD and Joseph Sorel. (This is a bad summary. Working on it.)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Sonny,Alexis, Nikolas, Emily, Audrey, Luke/Laura, Carly, Garcia, Taggart
Status: Outlining (Stage 1)
Fallen From Grace Fallen From Grace
Set in 2006. Patrick and Robin break up in the wake of the paternity reveal of John Jacks being Nikolas’s son. She marries Nikolas on the rebound, leaving Patrick alone. Elizabeth divorces Lucky after Cameron is injured while Lucky is watching him and high. Jason leaves town to work for the WSB, which leaves Sam dangling to find a new life  and Lucky tries to put his life together after rehab.
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth/Patrick, Patrick/Robin/Nikolas/Emily, Lucky/Sam, Dillon/Lulu, Ric/Alexis
Stage: Outlining (Stage 1)
brokengirl For the Broken Girl
Set in 2006. When Lucky becomes addicted to drugs after a back injury, his actions will destroy the future Elizabeth had hoped for, leaving her and her son all but destroyed. She is forced to pick up the pieces of a shattered dream and somehow make it work.
Couples/Characters: Lucky/Elizabeth, Jason/Sam, Jason/Elizabeth, Ric/Alexis, Lulu, Dillon, Luke, Bobbie, Nikolas, Emily, Sonny, Carly
Stage: Outlining (Stage 1)
Burn in Heaven
Set in 2007. After the events of A Few Words Too Many, Faith Roscoe has spent the intervening years plotting an elaborate revenge that will encompass many that Jason and Sonny hold dear and nothing in Port Charles will ever be the same
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Sonny/Kate, Jax/Carly, Johnny/Nadine, Nikolas/Emily, Lucky/Sam, Faith, Anthony, Luke/Laura, Dillon/Georgie, Claudia, Lulu, Maxie, etc.
Stage: Storyboarding (Stage 2)
These Small Hours
Set in 2008. Nadine Crowell and Johnny Zacchara are as different as night and day, but circumstances toss them together when she sees something she shouldn’t have. Johnny attempts to protect Nadine from his family and the PCPD, but who’s going to protect Johnny from Nadine?
Couples/Characters: Johnny/Nadine, Jason/Elizabeth, Sonny/Kate, the Zaccharas
Stage: Outlining (Stage 1)
Fool Me Twice
Set February 2018. Elizabeth Webber is no stranger to bad romances and violent men, but now her worst mistake will come back to haunt her and threaten the lives of the boys she’s worked so hard to raise. This story is currently a flash fiction series with intent to revise into novel.
Status: In Workshop
Couples/Characters: Elizabeth, Jason, Franco, Carly, Sonny, Jake, Cameron, Aiden, Griffin, Ava, Dante, Lulu, Laura

Alternate Universe

Alternate Universe. In 1940s New York City, the five territories are divided between the Gianni/Corinthos and Morgan families. The alliance of Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Corinthos causes an all out war rather than the peace it was intended to pursue. And caught in the cross-fire, are our star-crossed lovers.
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Patrick/Robin, Sonny/Emily/Nikolas
Stage: Outlining (Stage 1)
 Untitled Victorian England Fiction
Plot still being worked on.
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, more to come.
Stage: Outlining (Stage 1)

Short Stories & Concepts

Set in 2007. The show stops at the end of 2005, shortly after Jason’s brain surgery, performed by Patrick in the dark with a penlight. Ha. Picks up in 2007, the year 2006 for PC being very different. Courtney and Sam left town and vanished, leaving their family and friends to figure out what happened. Large ensemble story that features a Cassadines v. Spencer/Scorpio/WSB storyline that effects the entire town.
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Sonny, Mac/Felicia, Jax/Carly, Luke/Laura, Robert/Anna, Patrick/Robin, Jerry/Bobbie/Noah, Sam, Courtney, the Cassadines
Stage: Outlining (Stage 1)
insidefear Inside Your Fear
Set in Summer 2003. When Courtney Matthews learns she’s pregnant after Carly Corinthos has disappeared, she makes a shocking choice that will change the lives of everyone she knows.
Status: Outline (Stage 1)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Courtney, Sonny/Carly, Elizabeth


  • I cannot wait for Mad World to be ready and all of these look like keepers for sure, particularly – These small hours and counting stars and for the broken girl.

    According to nanci on March 6, 2018