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Welcome to my Coming Soon page! On this page, I have organized all of my in progress projects by their position on my overall agenda.

I am working on writing cover copy for all the projects modeled on the Drafting category, so bear with me.


These are stories that I am actively writing. Chapters have been written. These will be the stories posted first.

Mad World, Book 2: All of Me

Set Summer 2003. Jason and Elizabeth are trying to put the last year behind them and look towards the future. As Elizabeth slowly recovers physically and emotionally from her marriage to Ric, she and Jason begin to build a life together.

A serial rapist is stalking Port Charles, leaving his young victims near park fountains in a violent echo of Elizabeth’s own rape years earlier. Elizabeth believes her attacker is safely locked away, but Jason is keeping a secret that could destroy her hard-won security.

Then, the rapist strikes close to home — a daughter of one of the leading families in Port Charles. Is Elizabeth’s rapist still out there? Can the PCPD find him before he strikes again?

For the Broken Girl

Set Spring 2006. Jason and Elizabeth both in committed, if unhappy, relationships; any thought of romance lost since past. They’re barely even friends these days. That all changes when Sonny and Emily start having an affair and psychotic Manny Ruiz begins working at the hospital. Jason and Elizabeth are soon falling into old habits and leaning on another for support.

At the spring carnival, an anonymous shooter guns down Lucky’s partner and leaves Sam hovering near death. Jason is forced to make painful choices that she won’t easily forgive if she wakes. What’s more, he learns the true motive behind the shooting—one that will rock Elizabeth’s marriage to its core.

When Lucky’s choices sends Liz packing with her young son after months of misery, addiction, and anger, but walking out on him may be her most dangerous choice yet.


Plot Sketch

These are stories that are being developed into full plot sketches, which means these are likely to be the next stories I draft.


Set December 1997. Jason is the newly minted, inexperienced leader of the Port Charles underground. Elizabeth is the black sheep nursing student at General Hospital.

They meet over the bleeding body of Nikolas Cassadine, the victim of a drive-by shooting at Luke’s Club that might have been targeted at Jason. When they both end up at the PCPD, arrested for simply breathing, the attraction between them is immediate.

But it’s never that simple, and Jason has a lot of baggage—an ex-girlfriend he might still be in love with, the ex-friend with benefits who is about to drag him into another crazy scheme, the woman his best friend stood up at the altar on his way out of town, and the controlling family still desperate to drag Jason back home at any cost.

Can Elizabeth see past all of this drama and give Jason a chance? Or is there just one too many secrets to deal with?


These stories are sitting kind of between plot sketch status and idea stage. I have scene ideas, overall plot arcs, but pieces are of them are just not ready to move into the final discovery/plot sketch stage.

No Image Yet Malice

Set Summer 2003. Sequel to Bittersweet. Jason and Elizabeth have been living and traveling in Italy for months, with minimal contact with friends and family. A devastating personal tragedy sends them home to Port Charles where they discover that nothing is what they expected.

AJ and Courtney seem to be headed toward divorce, Gia is dating Sonny’s new smarmy lawyer, and Sonny’s life is in shambles. Carly is pregnant again, and he’s dating someone new to Port Charles, a young woman named Sam that no one seems to like all that much. Before they know it, Jason and Elizabeth are neck deep in the drama.

Then Emily gets a cryptic call from her ex-boyfriend, Zander, who needs help with a rescue plan. Can he be trusted? Can they afford not to when they learn the identity of the hostage? Jason and Elizabeth left Port Charles to escape the crazy, but are they strong enough to face the danger still to come?


Feels Like Home

Set in June 2024. It’s been more than a decade since Elizabeth Morgan vanished without a trace, leaving behind a devastated husband and three small children. A botched, biased police investigation quickly turned the case cold.

Now, her children are reaching adulthood, and friends and family are encouraging Jason to declare her legally dead and move on. But Commissioner Lucky Spencer’s last ditch attempt to find his childhood sweetheart reveals the existence of a mysterious woman, a survivor a serial killer who has suffered amnesia and memory loss since her rescue.

Is Corrine Markham really Elizabeth Morgan? Are her memories still locked away somewhere? Or is it time for the Morgans to let go of the dream of reuniting their family for good?

These Small Hours

Set Fall 2008. The attempted murder of Kate Howard on her wedding day sends shock waves rippling throughout Port Charles.

Sonny swears out revenge on Johnny Zacchara and his family, creating headaches for Jason, who recently replaced Sonny as the local godfather. Sonny going rogue is the last thing Jason needs after going public with his engagement to Elizabeth. A shootout on the docks changes the power dynamics at play when Johnny ends up marrying Nadine Crowell to protect her from his family and Sonny.

Jason and Johnny will have their hands full trying to keep everyone safe as Sonny’s desire for revenge clashes violently with the the Russians and Jerry Jacks making a play for the territory.


Burn in Heaven

Set Summer 2007. A sequel to A Few Words Too Many. Four years after Faith abandoned Ric to his fate, she returns to exact her revenge on Jason and Sonny for the death of her husband. She will take their lives apart, piece by piece. No one will be safe from her wrath.

Port Charles has moved on since Faith left town. Jason and Elizabeth are married now, struggling to balance their careers, their relationship, and two active young children as a newly single Sonny flits from relationship to relationship, piling work on Jason. Everyone is blindsided when Brenda, working in Rome, is injured in an acid attack, a seemingly random tragedy.

By the time they see Faith coming, it may be too late to stop her.

Signs of Life

Set December 1999. No one even knew they were friends until Nikolas Cassadine announced Jason and Elizabeth were sleeping together at the annual hospital Christmas Party, and now, suddenly everyone wants to weigh in on the subject. It’s not true, of course, but that’s never stopped Port Charles before.

At first it’s amusing when her grandmother and his sister pass judgment, but things quickly get serious when Anthony Moreno’s body surfaces in the Port Charles harbor, and their fictional relationship might be Jason’s only chance to stay out jail. Elizabeth can alibi him, and after all, only Bobbie and Carly know he was shot. They’re not telling anyone, right?

Until Carly decides she needs Jason’s help to get out a yet another desperate scheme, and she’ll use leverage at hand.

Life For Rent

Set Spring 2007. A Sequel to Choose Your Moment. In August 2006, Port Charles experienced a city-wide blackout where truths were revealed and choices were made. Alexis revealed her cancer diagnosis to Carly after Sam slept with Ric, Dillon learned that Lulu was pregnant, Patrick and Robin exchanged vows of love, and Jason and Elizabeth slept together.

The same condom failure responsible for Lulu’s pregnancy leaves Elizabeth pregnant as well, and nine months later, she and Jason are thrilled to bring their newborn son into the world. Just when the future looks bright, baby Jake disappears, and the case quickly grows cold.

The truth behind his kidnapping will strike closer to home than anyone could ever imagine.

Counting Stars

Set 2000. Jason abruptly leaves Port Charles in January, leaving Elizabeth hurt and stunned after they slept together. He travels the country, trying to find peace from the demons that drove him away while she reconstructs her life. Their only contact are missed phone calls and cryptic postcards.

Elizabeth soon learns she is pregnant, but is hesitant to seek Jason out, wanting him to return on his own. She attempts to keep the baby a secret, but the reveal sends shock waves throughout Port Charles — it seems everyone has an opinion about her child and relationship with Jason.

Just when Jason appears to be on his way home, he vanishes. Has he decided to leave Port Charles behind forever or is there a more menacing explanation?

Idea Stage

These are plot ideas that I honestly just haven’t had a lot of time to pull together into something more developed but that I like enough to keep on the back burner.


Copy coming soon

No Image Sky is Falling

Copy coming soon

Fallen From Grace

Copy coming soon

Mad World, Book 3: Untitled

Copy coming soon


  • I cannot wait for Mad World to be ready and all of these look like keepers for sure, particularly – These small hours and counting stars and for the broken girl.

    According to nanci on March 6, 2018
  • Tell me again why GH never hired you and why you have to earn a living doing something so important but no where near as entertaining for me as writing all of these projects? Can’t wait to see any and all of them, along with a number of the flash fiction series you started.. . not that I’m greedy or anything.

    According to Living Liason on February 9, 2019
  • What Living said! <3

    According to EternalLiason on February 10, 2019
  • Another what Living Liason said. I can’t wait for Mad world book two and the rest look awesome as well.

    According to nanci on March 13, 2019