I love reading long fanfictions and getting lost in an epic story with lots of twists and turns, but more than once I’ve come across a story that’s about the size of a regular novel and then spent hours glued to my computer and the website.

Thanks to a program called Sigil, I’ve been able to create ebooks that can be downloaded and put on your own ereaders or tablets.

How Do I Download the Ebooks?

Right click on the link below each cover that corresponds to the format you want to use and select “save link as” which allow you to download it to your computer.

How Do I Read Them?

It depends on the format you need and the type of device you use. If you have an Amazon Kindle, you want the .mobi format which can be put on your Kindle using the Kindle for PC app that you can download from Amazon’s website. I don’t personally have a Kindle, so if there’s an easier way to do this, please let me know.

For the .epub format, which is can be used across all electronic devices now, it again depends on your device. You can use Calibre, which connects your reading device to your computer and allows you to easily drop your own books into the library on the device.

Most devices also use .pdf for Adobe Reader, so I’m working on adding versions of that as well.

My Favorite Story Isn’t Here!

I just started creating ebooks, and while it’s easier for stories I write in the future to format them as I write them, the majority of my work isn’t formatted yet for conversion and it takes time to format them. I’m slowly adding new titles so bear with me.


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  • What a lovely, generous, and smart idea! EBOOKS! I love it thank you. I downloaded them all and now I can read them even when I have no internet connection. I love your stories and have read and enjoyed many of them.I look forward to reading some new ones.

    According to Andrea Demby on March 15, 2016
  • Love, love your interpretations of my fav show and couple ever.

    I was delighted to see the ebooks links and so sad that the last 3 links aren’t working yet. I know how busy you are, and just wanted
    to express my appreciation for all that you do for this fandom ans for us. I will keep checking back for the updates and hope your holidays were spectacular

    According to Doreen Del Vento on December 30, 2019