Originally, I had a page that linked you to my Spotify Playlists broken into four separate lists. This got pretty difficult to deal with as I ended up with duplicates and just…it got messy and annoying.

I listen to music while writing like many writers. I also put together soundtracks that inspire me to write more, which why some stories have two volumes of what I call their soundtracks. While writing A Few Words Too Many last spring, I had settled on a set of music that enabled to write more than a chapter day for a month. That story was around 114,000 words and I wrote it in a month–more than 3000 words a day on average!

Each story page has, where available, a media section that lists soundtracks, videos and ebooks. If I don’t have a soundtrack listed, there’s nothing available.

On this page, I’ll link to my various music lists. On Spotify, you can follow me and listen to my entire writing soundtrack (2000+) songs or click on individual stories for theirs–including stories that aren’t posted yet.

I’ll also occasionally post musical spoilers here. I post lyrics at the beginning of all my chapters for mood setting and it’ll often indicate where I’m going in the story.

Music Links

Do you know any other sites that allow music playlists? I’ll sign up for them and create lists, as long as they’re free!

 Artist/Song of the Week

Every once in a while, I’ll come across a song that just inspires me to either write something I’m already working on or to start a new story.

Previous Songs

Musical Spoilers

All We Are, Chapter 12

Previous Spoilers

 Non-Fanfiction Related Media

There’s nowhere else for this, sadly, but I worked my ass off on this back in 2008, so here you go, Matt Hunter – Womanizer.


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