Production Schedule

This pages outlines a tentative schedule for my writing process. As I work more on projects and get more comfortable with this new approach, I’ll be able to give more firm release dates. All of these dates are subject to change — I’ll note up here at the top if I change those dates.

15 February 2020: Calendar updated with new firm dates.


Discovery Draft: This is the preliminary version of the story. I write out all of my scene ideas, my plot sketches, the back stories, the relationships. I write everything down in various Scrivener drafts and then piece together a rough chronology, then break down the story by scenes and subplots.

Alpha Draft: This is the first draft. I’m an extremely linear writer — I find it difficult to write my stories out of order. I start at the beginning, write until the end and I almost never ever go back and reread. That’s usually how I end up stuck or putting things on the shelf. I only stop when the story feels stalled. There’s usually a reason for it. This is how I wrote Bittersweet and both Mad World Books 1 & 2. I don’t even read for typos or consistency errors.

Beta Draft: This is the second draft. I go through and reread — I fix typos, inconsistencies, make notes about what scenes need to be moved, be rewritten, or even cut. This is also the draft I send to my beta readers for reader feedback.

Posting Draft: This is the draft that I format into ebooks and post at CG and the other sites where I distribute the work.

All books are posted in .epub, .pdf, or .mobi formats. 

Quarterly Schedule | Monthly Schedule
This page is divided into two types of calendar.  The Quarterly Schedule divides 2020 into four sections and lists the priorities of my projects during that period. The Monthly Schedule is updated more often when I am able to give confirmed dates.

Quarterly Schedule

First Quarter – 2020 – January-March

  • For the Broken Girl – Complete Alpha Draft
  • Mad World, Book 3 – Discovery Draft
  • Mad World, Book 2 – Complete ebook

Second Quarter – 2020 – April – June

  • For the Broken Girl – Complete Beta Draft
  • For the Broken Girl – Complete Posting Draft
  • For the Broken Girl – Public Release
  • For the Broken Girl – Ebook
  • Mad World, Book 3 – Alpha Draft
  • Fool Me Twice, Book 1 – Discovery Draft

Third Quarter – 2020 – Jul – Sep

  • Mad World, Book 3 – Complete Alpha Draft
  • Mad World, Book 3 – Complete Beta Draft
  • Mad World, Book 3 – Complete Posting Draft
  • Fool Me Twice – Alpha Draft
  • Mad World, Book 3 – Ebook

Fourth Quarter – 2020 – Oct – Dec

  • Fool Me Twice – Complete Alpha Draft
  • Fool Me Twice – Complete Beta Draft
  • Damaged, Season 3 – Discovery Draft
  • Mad World – Trilogy Combined Ebook
  • Bittersweet – ebook

Monthly Schedule

February 2020

  • 1: Mad World, Book 3 – Launch Discovery Phase

March 2020

  • 31: For the Broken Girl – Alpha Draft Deadline

April 2020

  • 1: Mad World, Book 3 – Begin Alpha Draft

September 2020

  • 2: Mad World, Book 3 – Release Date


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