Production Schedule

This pages outlines a tentative schedule for my writing process. As I work more on projects and get more comfortable with this new approach, I’ll be able to give more firm release dates. All of these dates are subject to change — I’ll note up here at the top if I change those dates.

7 August 2019: Initial dates set.

25 August 2019: Updated with completed items.

30 August 2019: Updated with changes to FMT’s first draft & tentative schedule for Bittersweet’s ebook.

8 Nov 2019: Updated with changes and to scheduling going forward.


Discovery Draft: This is the preliminary version of the story. I write out all of my scene ideas, my plot sketches, the back stories, the relationships. I write everything down in various Scrivener drafts and then piece together a rough chronology, then break down the story by scenes and subplots.

Alpha Draft: This is the first draft. I’m an extremely linear writer — I find it difficult to write my stories out of order. I start at the beginning, write until the end and I almost never ever go back and reread. That’s usually how I end up stuck or putting things on the shelf. I only stop when the story feels stalled. There’s usually a reason for it. This is how I wrote Bittersweet and both Mad World Books 1 & 2. I don’t even read for typos or consistency errors.

Beta Draft: This is the second draft. I go through and reread — I fix typos, inconsistencies, make notes about what scenes need to be moved, be rewritten, or even cut. This is also the draft I send to my beta readers for reader feedback.

Posting Draft: This is the draft that I format into ebooks and post at CG and the other sites where I distribute the work.

All books are posted in .epub, .pdf, or .mobi formats. 

August 2019

  • August 17: Complete posting draft of Mad World, Book 2; Complete discovery draft of Fool Me Twice DONE
  • August 18: Begin writing alpha draft of Fool Me Twice DONE
  • August 24:  Release Mad World Book 1 to Patreon Crimson Fan Tier  DONE
  • August 25: Launch new Patreon tiers DONE
  • August 31: Release Mad World Book 1 to public. POSTPONED TO SEPTEMBER 2

September 2019

October 2019

  • October 1: Release Bittersweet ebook to public RESCHEDULED
  • October 20: Begin discovery draft of For the Broken Girl RESCHEDULED
  • October 31: Complete alpha draft of Fool Me Twice; Release Mad World, Book 2 ebook to Patreon Crimson Fan Tier RESCHEDULED

November 2019

  • November 1: Begin writing alpha draft of For the Broken Girl
  • November 11:  Last chapter of Mad World, Book 2 posted;
  • November 16: Public release of book of Mad World, Book 2
  • November 30: Complete alpha draft of For the Broken Girl

December 2019

  • TBA: Release of Bittersweet ebook to Patreon Crimson Fan Tier
  • TBA: Public Release of Bittersweet ebook
  • TBA: Beta draft of For the Broken Girl completed

January 2020

  • TBA: Begin second alpha draft of Fool Me Twice
  • TBA: Complete posting draft of For the Broken Girl

February 2020

  • February 3: Begin posting For the Broken Girl

March 2020

  • TBA: Complete alpha draft of Fool Me Twice
  • TBA: Begin Discovery Draft of Next Project.

April 2020

  • April 1: Begin Camp NaNoWriMo alpha draft of Next Project.



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