Story Status – 15 May 2015

It’s been a long time since the last time I did one of these posts, so I wanted to do an update so those of you looking for a specific story will know where it is on the drawing board.

Because I haven’t done one of these posts since February (wow!), this will be a full update as a lot of things have shifted around priority wise.

In Progress

Damaged is finally back and rolling along. I’ve completed five smaller episodes over the last two weeks out of a planned thirteen in the first story arc. I plan to take two weeks between story arcs to recharge and devote time to other stories. Also, I hope to get in a habit of completing the episodes on the weekends so I can write other things during the week. It may take some time to get into this habit, so I hope you guys are patient with me. It’s taken me a year to get back to Damaged this way, and I don’t want to lose the flow while I have it.

The Best Thing and All We Are are in the same boat, so I’m doing them together. I’m having a bit of trouble getting back into both of them, but have stuff written for both. I hope to get into them over the next weeks and be posting them again sometime in June, but  for me, once I lose a story, it can often take a bit of time to get back into it. I’m frustrated by that since both stories were rolling along fine before I lost them.

Planned and Upcoming

Mad World and Burn in Heaven are both outlined and I’ve been working on scene break downs. There’s still some refinement that has to happen so I can’t give you guys an ETA on this. I expect Mad World to be my next Alternate History.

Bittersweet and Untitled 2003 Rewrite are both in the outline stages. They’re both intense and complex and will be super long (like The Best Thing) so I’m trying to line it up that once I start one or both of them, I have no other major projects to distract me. Possibly will dig into them during my summer vacation.

On the Drawing Board

Counting Stars, Fallen From Grace, For the Broken Girl, These Small Hours, Illusions are all in the outining stages and there’s no ETA on when they’ll written. It just matters if something starts flowing for me, and I haven’t opened most of these files in a few moths.

Untitled Alternate Universe – An homage to Nora Roberts’ Chesapeake Bay quartet, it wasn’t much more than an idea but I was a bit burned out on writing GH canon (my alternate histories that take place within the universe of the show). So I opened it up and started to play with it. It’s working for now, so it might be along soon but I’m going to try to have it be finished before I post anything.


  • Keeping us in the loop is such a sweet bonus at being a member here. I really appreciate it.

    According to Carla on May 15, 2015
  • I’m intrigued at your idea of using Nora Roberts’ Chesapeake Bay quartet as the basis for a story or series of stories. I haven’t enjoyed GH in years, partly because its stories are limited by bad writing and are not character-driven; I like the idea of telling stories that use GH characters but aren’t based on GH canon.

    I think you could pull that off and make it interesting.

    According to Jane on May 21, 2015