Story Status – November 25

Another month, anothe set of priorities. This post is organized by where the stories are listed

In Progress Stories

1. The Best Thing – We’re finally rolling forward on this. Part 2 ends after Chapter 19 about half through January. I’m really hoping to pick up on the writing at that point so that by January, I’m posting two chapters a week. However, I’m also trying to get my next story to post ready. Not completely positive which will that will be, as I have several in the works regarding outlines.

2. All I Want For Christmas – Posting schedule set up to begin December 3 and finish up December 31, the small story kinks are mostly worked out. I really like the story world I’ve built for this alternate universe, so if there’s a demand for it, I’d write a sequel.  I’m about halfway through the story now.

3. Turning Points – I’m playing around with the next part, but it’s a whenever I get around to it type of story. I’ll be looking to wrap it up relatively soon.

4. Life For Rent – A recent addition to the in progress page. The second and third entries in this story were plotted in 2006, so I’ll be looking at these soon to either update or adjust.

5. Inside Your Fear – A short story that’s a rewrite of something I wrote in 2003. I’ve changed the story so it’s a Courtney POV. I play with every once in a while, but it never quite hits me. Eventually, I get the right mood in my head to finish it up.

6. Come On Eileen – Really planning to finish this off before the end of the year.

Coming Soon Stories (organized chronological order)

1. Counting Stars – I had this storyboarded and ready to go, but I realized some of the angles were a bit superficial. I’m revisiting it to deepen it, and still playing with the timeline.

2. Mad World – I have most of the story plotted, but  it’s going to deal with a serial rapist. I want it to be part mystery, part drama so I want to get the details just right.

3. Fallen From Grace – Revisiting the outline soon,  but it’s low on my list of priorities.

4. For the Broken Girl – Still in the outlining stages as it deals with drug abuse and domestic violence, so like most of my planned stories, trying to get the details and emotions just right. Also, while the middle of the story is relatively solid in my head, the beginning and the end are still a little murky.

5. Collision – Ah. The story that stays in my head, but has never made it far. I still play with it occasionally and I’m reluctant to eliminate it because the main plot is so good, but it was supposed to be a huge ensemble story which is always tricky.

6. Burn in Heaven – I started playing with the outline a bit, have some good ideas on how to play it out, but the details are still getting stuck in my head.

7. These Small Hours – I made a major story shift change. It used to be more Johnny/Nadine in nature, but Jason/Elizabeth’s side of it needed to be more in focus since Sonny ends up living. I have the outline somewhat figured out, but there’s gaps and whatnot to work with.

8. Slide – Though I am still planning to write it and have some vague ideas on what to do. I honestly haven’t looked at it more than that, though I should soon since it’s been ten years since the original.

9. Heaven Forbid — Permanently shelved. The original plan for the story has been discarded, but I’d like to do a Jason return storyline at some point.

10. Illusions – the Alternate Universe. I like what I wrote so far, so I’d like to do more, but it’s just not happening for me at the moment.

11. Untitled Marriage of Convenience Story – Likely to be my next project if I can just manage to give it a title.

12. Feels Like Home (Tangled rewrite) – Played with a bit over the weekend. Will shuffle it into my writing schedule as I can.


  • I’m really enjoying The Best Thing and I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with Tangled.
    Fallen From Grace is the story that turned me into a LissieLove fan. It’s wonderful as-is, so I’m both excited and a little anxious to see where you go with it.

    According to Jane Hughes on November 25, 2014