Fumbling Towards Perfection

I think this is one of my oldest and worst banners. Ha. Good times. I love that picture of Steve though.


This was a flash fiction — though I don’t remember the prompt, so some people asked me to continue it. I tried, but it never worked out and I abandoned it pretty quickly.


Semi-alternate universe. Elizabeth isn’t from Port Charles, Emily goes to the rehab in Arizona after her accident in 2001, etc.


I lost interest pretty quick because it’s just not something I really wanted to write. I used to continue flash fictions if people asked, but eh, I’m not going to be revisiting this story.


Jason Morgan elizabeth  emily



  • i really liked what you had written, and i hope that one day you would consider rewriting this one. I would like to see where it goes!!!! i liked how em was the only one who could befriend Elizabeth. I also like how they truly got one another. Elizabeth’s interaction with jason priceless!!!

    According to shay on February 19, 2015
  • I love this. Please continue!!

    According to Mel on February 21, 2015