Flash Fiction

Many moons ago, The Canvas had a weekly flash fiction challenge and I participated as often as possible. For some reason, the majority of those original flash fiction entries are gone now. I have some left over but the prompts have been lost to time.

I’ve been having some issues writing my in progress stuff mostly because of the pressure I’m putting on myself. The last story I wrote was The Best Thing and it is literally the best piece of fiction I have written in my entire life. How am I ever going to top that? Clearly, my brain says I won’t and it’s mostly shut down ever since.

So I have to shake myself up. Get back into writing without the pressure. What better way than to literally write for an hour and then post whatever I come up with without time for editing or overthinking it?

You’re welcome to suggest prompts (you can reply to any update or any flash fiction story with a prompt) and I’ll do what I can to come up with some on my own.

I have every intention of posting a new flash fiction every week, any day from Friday-Sunday.

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