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December 10, 2019

Hey! I’ll be back in a few days will a full update about Broken Girl and holiday stories I’m planning. In the meantime, make sure you’re checking out the YouTube channel. Over Thanksgiving break, I got sick and couldn’t really write, so I filmed a ton of videos — previews of upcoming stories, brief discussions of past stories plus some random videos. Today I posted a bunch of voiceovers of my Scrivener files and a Crimson Glass walk through.

There’s about 30 videos — all of them between 5-20 minutes, most under 15. I have a video planned for every day between now and early January. I still have a bunch to film but I’ve been busy writing. My preview videos have actual spoilers and my past stories have some show rants.

These videos don’t take away from writing time — I made most of them over two days when I literally couldn’t write. So enjoy! Here’s the CG walk through below:

December 5, 2019

Hey. Just checking in to let you know how things are going. I’m working on For the Broken Girl and hope to finish the first draft by the end of the month. I filmed a ton of short videos over the break and am uploading one a day at the channel. The daily posts are really just a mix of previews for future stories and discussion of past stories, then randomly I’m posting videos about other things. A few days ago I posted about Damaged, Season 3, then yesterday I talked about writing process and today I posted about the difficulty in writing.

I’m trying to remember to update the link on the sidebar, but I’m not perfect, lol. Here’s the latest video. I’m gonna go back to writing 🙂

December 1, 2019

Hello! Checking in here on December 1 to let you know what happened in November. I limped into the end of NaNoWriMo about 11 PM, reaching 50k which is great. I finished seven chapters of the first draft of Broken Girl which I’m going to let sit for most of today and then take a look at it to decide the next step. I had almost given up a week ago, so glad I managed stick it out.

Thanks to anyone who has gone to the YouTube channel I launched. I  was sick most of yesterday and filmed a few videos that use captured my screen so I now have content to fill every day of December. I’ll be posting short videos (5-15 minutes) one a day starting today. I’ve made them for every one of my coming soon projects with previews and spoilers as well as videos discussing alternate history and alternate universe. Those are the videos you’ll get every day.

Yesterday, I posted videos for Bittersweet, Kismet, and Mad World Book 3. This morning, I posted videos for Fool Me Twice and Spinning on Axis/No One Else Sees me. In addition to those videos, there’s also one up that introduces me and also one that talks extensively about writing Damaged (thanks to EternalLiason for giving me the idea!). I just wanted to put up a bunch at the start to give you guys something to watch.

Starting tomorrow, one video goes up at 7 AM. I’ve filmed over things — walk throughs of the site, of my Scrivener files, etc, and one talking about anchor scenes and writing, etc. I’ll probably post them sporadically but not on a schedule.

I hope this is something you guys like — I’ve been trying to find a way to give you guys content that bridges the gap between stories and this is probably the best way. It lets me think about my writing without always feeling like I have to be writing. Plus, I don’t do any editing or fancy video things, so it doesn’t even take a lot of time.

So I’ll be linking the channel here at some point. Check it out if you haven’t already! If I reach 100 subscribers (I think) I can change the link so it’s easier to find.


November 30, 2019

Hey! So I’ve been working for a while on ideas for content I can push out between stories. So last week, I posted the thank you video for you guys and then started filming other short videos I can put on YouTube. Crimson Glass has always had a YT channel where I mostly just put old promo videos I made. It’s connected to my official Google email which means I can’t change the channel name at this point (so frustrating!) but I’m sure you guys will be fine.

Anyway! I’m relaunching it today with a bunch of short videos — a welcome to CG video, two preview videos, and then a video about Bittersweet. Just basically me talking about the writing process, my opinion, and even some spoilers. I also get some rants in about the show, heh.

The best part about this is that I already have enough content to post a video every day through December 21. And next weekend, I’m going to film my Alternate Universe videos.

So check out the channel and subscribe to get daily short videos taken with my crappy webcam and audio in my dining room. LOL! Let me know what you think and what you might be interested in. There’s a Damaged video going up maybe today or tomorrow, I’m not sure yet.


Please excuse the long URL – I can’t really change that to crimsonglass until I have enough subscribers and I don’t think I’m gonna get 100.

November 22, 2019

I really thought this was the November I was going to break my NaNoWriMo curse and win for the first time since 2014. I’m not in grad school and I don’t work my night job anymore which means I just have the day job. In theory, I have extra time to write and for the first week, I was fine.

And then the second week of November, my principal came to ask me if I’d leave my long-term job at the high school a week early to take over for the rest of the year as an ELA teacher at the middle school. I jumped at it — I needed the stability, the middle school is around the corner, and I’m excited to stay in the district teaching something I love. I really thought I could manage everything — new students, curriculum, and school while writing every day.

And then I started the job and met my students.

Don’t get me wrong — I genuinely love and adore every single one of my eighty students. I’ve gotten to know them relatively well in the nine days I’ve been teaching them, but they didn’t have a teacher for a month — just going back and forth between two subs that they mostly didn’t like. No routine, very little work getting getting done well, and behavior issues off the wall. I managed to get to 2:40 every day, drag myself home, and do very little once I got there.

I’m feeling better every day that I’m there. We still have our pockets of nonsense, but routine and structure are helping and some of my tougher cases are starting to come around. I love my career and I know I picked the right path in life, but wow, there are days I just want to stay in bed.

Anyway, with a week left in NaNoWriMo, I’d have to write about 4000 words to make 50k. That’s not an insane proposition, to be honest, considering I wrote 4-6k words in July for Mad World two summers in a row. I wrote 30k in a week this last summer. I can do it. But will I be able to? Maybe. We have our break for Thanksgiving and only two full school days ahead of us. I might be able to do it.

But I’m preparing myself for not meeting that goal. I’ll get the kids straightened out and I’ll get writing back into my daily routine again. I just hope it’s sooner, rather than later.

November 11, 2019

Your Update Link – Mad World, Chapter 49 & 50

Wow. I really can’t believe we’re here. Thank you guys so much for joining me on this journey. I know it was a dark, twisty one and probably difficult to read. I think this is probably the darkest thing I’ve written in years. I hope you enjoyed it!

Book 3 is probably coming sometime next fall. I’m still working on the details. I’ll have For the Broken Girl in February and Fool Me Twice next summer. I’ll be back later this week with some extra Mad World content and hopefully — flash fiction and some NaNo news. But for now I have to get to work!

November 9, 2019

So I did a crazy thing. I moved the 8000 words I had already written for NaNoWriMo out of my Scrivener compile folder and basically started over. I’m still working on the same project, but I really wanted to try to get 50k done that would actually count towards the finished alpha draft rather than just for winning NaNoWriMo. If I’m running out of time, I can always put them back because I know I wrote those words during this period.

If you’re interested in my progress this NaNoWriMo, I’ve updated the sidebar with a widget that will (sort of) display my progress. I usually use a NaNoWriMo widget but the stats on their site are a bit messed up at the moment and word counts aren’t quite right. So I’m doing it manually. It doesn’t look the way I want it to yet, but it’s time for me to start writing for the day.

I’m also blogging every few days about my writing and how it’s going over at Dear Isobel, so check that out.

In other minor news, I updated the Production Schedule. I’ll be back in a few days with more news.

November 7, 2019

Your update link: Mad World – Chapter Forty-Eight

Only two chapters left — I can’t believe it! I might post those closer together, like Monday & Tuesday. Or just at the same time, because Chapter 50 isn’t quite as long as a typical chapter but longer than an epilogue.

Couple of things have happened since I updated on Monday morning. I’ve been working long-term at the high school in the district where I live, teaching Financial Literacy. That job was scheduled to come to a close on November 18, but this week, they offered me a position at the middle school, teaching English for the rest of the year. They’re desperate for someone to move over, so I’m actually leaving my current job four days early.

This means I’m trying to learn a whole new curriculum and meet another 60-70 new students this month. So much for a low-pressure November for NaNoWriMo, lol. But I’m excited for the challenge.

I was also supposed to have my wisdom teeth out today, but they cancelled my surgery at the last minute. This is is actually good news. I have more time for writing, for getting the house straightened up, and to learn that new curriculum. I reallllly want to do some flash fiction this weekend so hopefully I’ll be back.

November 4, 2019

Your update link: Mad World – Chapter Forty-Seven

We’ll be wrapping Mad World up next Thursday which makes me a little bit sad, but happy. I’ve been living with this story in one way or another since 2004, and though I’ve got a Book 3 planned, the bulk of what I wanted — the serial rapist story — that goes back to 2004 and Brooke’s original rape and the original version of Kelsey & Lucky — Lucky and Brianne. Tying it to Elizabeth, making it her story, too — that’s been with me since 2017. It’s great to finally see it reach you guys.