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September 17, 2018

Bittersweet has been updated with Chapter Twenty-Eight. My computer and I had some arguments this weekend, so I didn’t get a chance to do flash fiction or any of the housekeeping – it was all I could do to get this week’s updates scheduled. Hopefully I’ve cleaned up the problem going forward.

September 15, 2018

I have to stop multi-tasking when I’m doing things because then literally nothing gets done right. Two things from yesterday’s post:

  1. The link for Death Becomes Her. I forgot to, you know, actually link it. It’s under Alternate Universe for future reference, because it’s too long for the Short Story page (It’s about 16,000 words)
  2.  I posted the synopses yesterday, but forgot to tell you when the poll would be up. I’ll be posting the first chapters AND the poll in the first week of October. Oy. Sorry about that !

There are a few housekeeping things I have to do later when I get home from work, like update Recent Updates and Alphabetical Listing of stories. I really want to do some flash fiction this weekend, so stay tuned for that.

September 14, 2018

I’ve added Death Becomes Her to this site. It was a lot of fun to try to write an entire alternate universe into a short story. I’m happy to say I’m back on my study schedule so I’m going to be able to add writing again into my daily routine.

In other news, the NaNoWriMo poll has ended. I was originally going to take the top two choices and offer sample chapters. The vote ended up being pretty close among the top four choices, so I’m dropping the bottom three and then running another vote. I just always feel bad when the votes are so close — I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

I am re-posting the synopses here for anyone who voted before I posted them. In the first week of October, I will post first chapter of three of them. (Life for Rent already has a first chapter online)

Signs of Life (December 1999)

Nikolas Cassadine shocked the world at the annual Christmas party at General Hospital when he announced that mafia bad boy Jason Morgan and town sweetheart Elizabeth Webber were sleeping together. 

This news doesn’t just interest gossips like Amy Vining, but Jason’s estranged, high-society family, the Quartermaines, who are always looking for ways to draw Jason back home as well as the Port Charles Police Department who have a murder to investigate: Anthony Moreno’s body has just washed up in the harbor and he hasn’t been seen since December 1. Coincidentally, that’s also the last date anyone saw Jason Morgan for more than three weeks. 

When the PCPD knocks on Elizabeth’s door looking to give Jason an alibi, she manages to send them away. Jason doesn’t want her to lie for him, but it may not be up to him. Or Elizabeth. Because it’s not just the Quartermaines  and the PCPD who are interested in their relationship status. There’s Carly Quartermaine, Jason’s ex-girlfriend and current sister-in-law. She’s having a crisis of her own and looking to Jason to solve it even if she has to force him to help. 

Between the PCPD, the Quartermaines and Carly, Jason and Elizabeth can only depend on each other. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Can Elizabeth keep Jason out of jail and protect him from Carly? Can Jason avoid being trapped by Carly—again—and protect Elizabeth from her wrath? 

Counting Stars (April 2000)

When Jason Morgan left Port Charles in January 2000, he left to protect himself from the machinations of ex-lover and current sister-in-law, Carly Quartermaine. He also left to protect Elizabeth Webber, a close friend who saved his life and put her own at risk for their friendship—and because he knew their relationship was changing in ways they weren’t ready for.

Several months after his departure, Elizabeth has tried to keep her secret hoping he would contact her or even come back. But it becomes impossible to hide anymore, and she goes to Sonny Corinthos in hopes of contacting Jason. Sonny, however, and Jason weren’t on great terms when Jason left town, and he’s only heard from his friend a few times. He promises to get in touch as soon as he does hear.

Luke Spencer, worried about Elizabeth, decides to track down Jason on his own and convince him to return. He finds Jason who seems interested in coming back—but then Jason is nowhere to be found when it’s time to return to Port Charles. Has he run away to avoid Elizabeth? Or is something else more sinister preventing his return to Port Charles?

For the Broken Girl (March 2006)

For months, Manny Ruiz terrorized Port Charles, kidnapping Elizabeth Spencer, stalking Samantha McCall, and causing a train crash that took the live of several Port Charles residents and injured countless more. Thanks to a brain tumor and the machinations of his lawyers, Alexis Davis and Ric Lansing, Manny is now free and working at General Hospital as a janitor.

One of his former victims had her entire life turned upside because of Manny Ruiz. Kidnapped in October, Elizabeth Spencer’s husband was gravely injured in the train crash, forcing him onto desk duty. The virus that hit the city in February set Lucky Spencer’s recovery back even further and he remains on desk duty at the end of March, still in rehab. Their marriage has been strained by his injury and his frustration, and Elizabeth is at her wit ends trying to keep not only their relationship together, but deal with the barrage of medical bills since Lucky has reached lifetime cap of his health insurance policy. 

The virus also hit Jason Morgan and his family hard. His ex-wife succumbed to the illness as did his fiancee Sam McCall’s brother. Sam hasn’t been the same since Danny’s death and learning that Alexis Davis, the man that set Manny Ruiz free, is her biological mother. When Jason learns that business partner Sonny Corinthos is dating Jason’s younger sister, Emily, he finds himself at odds with Sam over the position he takes.

Jason is trying to keep his eye on everything, but he’s really worried about Manny Ruiz and enlists old friend Elizabeth and her supervisor, Epiphany Johnson, to keep an eye on Manny Ruiz. He warns Elizabeth not to interfere if she sees something, but to call him. Elizabeth has never been good at walking away from someone in the danger, and Manny Ruiz takes her captive. Again. Jason  saves her life, but Lucky injures himself again trying to help. 

Several weeks later, at a spring carnival in the park, their worlds are going to change again when anonymous shooter opens fire, putting Sam in the hospital, near death, and reveals Lucky’s secret, double life. Nothing will ever be the same. 

Life for Rent (Fall 2006)

The blackout of Summer 2006 offered a chance for many in Port Charles to revisit their choices and change the direction of their lives. Trapped in an elevator, Alexis Davis confided in nemesis Carly Corinthos that not only did her husband sleep with his stepdaughter, but that Alexis is dying from lung cancer. Carly pledges her support. Robin Scorpio and Patrick Drake shared declarations of love in another trapped elevator. 

Stuck on a roof, Dillon Quartermaine learned that Lulu Spencer is pregnant from their one night stand and promises her that she will never ever be alone. And Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber threw caution to the wind and spent the night together. When the power returns and dawn breaks over Port Charles, they have to choose whether to move forward or take steps back. 

Dillon comes clean to girlfriend, Georgie Jones, and understandably she has issues dealing with it. Robin informs her uncle Mac about Maxie Jones’ affair with Lucky Spencer, Alexis throws Ric out of the house, and Elizabeth refuses to take her husband back.

The city is rocked by a scandal at ELQ with faulty products being recalled—including faulty condoms that led to Lulu’s pregnancy…as well as Elizabeth and Maxie. Maxie tries to hold onto Lucky with the news about the child, but Lucky continues to spiral out of control when he learns that not only is Elizabeth pregnant by Jason, but that his wife is moving in with him. 

By the time the Enduro babies are born the following spring, tragedy continues to follow these couples and no one will ever be the same. 

September 12, 2018

A few things today. One, my first few weeks back have been extremely stressful, mostly because the bookstore messed up an order on a book I couldn’t get anyway else so my entire study schedule was thrown completely out the window. So I’ve been scrambling to get back on track. If everything goes right during the next two days, I can get back to my plan.

This matters because I literally have not been able to open Mad World since classes started, and I have a few revisions on Bittersweet that have to be done before I can focus on Book 2. So what that means is that I might have a gap in new content. I thought I’d ask for your feedback on exactly how to proceed here.

The options are

  1. Post 2 chapters of Mad World a week, finishing in December, and then waiting maybe 1-2 months for Book 2.
  2. Post 1 chapter of Mad World a week, with no gap in new content.

Please reply and let me know which works better for you guys.

The second thing is that there are two more days to vote in the NaNoWriMo Primary Poll — I posted seven projects and you guys can vote for your top 3 choices. If you clear your cookies, you can always vote again if you want. Right now, the top 4 choices are insanely close, so I might have two more polls with one vote. It closes September 15.

Third, Death Becomes Her, the novella I wrote for GH Mystery Weekend at The Liason Haven is posted there. It’s about 18,000 words so it’s a good long alternate universe murder mystery. I’ll be posting it here at some point this weekend or next.

And last, the thing you all came here for: Bittersweet, Chapter Twenty-Seven

Hey everyone! Thanks for the response to last week’s chapter. I’m so excited for Bittersweet to be back! While going over the final revision notes, I realized I needed to write more one more chapter. This isn’t a big deal — I probably won’t even push back Mad World — but it does mean you get to look forward to one more chapter of Bittersweet!

I’m posting Chapter 26 today. If you go to the Bittersweet story page, you’ll notice it looks like the next chapter has already been posted and has the word “Protected” as part of the title. This is because it’s password protected and available for Patreon supporters. I also plan to post a few more chapters this week to make schedule a bit easier next week, so don’t worry if you see that pop up more often going forward. All chapters are released to the general public.

Read Bittersweet, Chapter 26.

Catch the first part of #GHWhoDunit, Death Becomes Her at the Liason Haven before I post Part 2 later today at 3 PM.

Don’t forget to vote in the November NaNoWriMo poll before Friday! After that, the top two or three choices will be available for a run-off!

September 6, 2018

So excited you guys are finally getting to read this story! The way this works is that I post the first half today which presents the mystery, you guys reply and guess the guilty party, and then I post the conclusion on Monday afternoon.

Death Becomes Her – Part 1

Head on over to Liason Haven to participate! I’ll be back on Monday with a new chapter of Bittersweet (Chapter 25 was posted yesterday in case you missed it.)

Voting to choose the next NaNoWriMo project is still open until September 15. Don’t forget to vote!

September 5, 2018

Hey! I am so sorry — usually I have this update scheduled but my entire schedule got away from me over the last two days with going back to graduate school yesterday and arguing with my student accounting and financial aid offices. College bureaucracy is super frustrating.

Anyway, thanks to Angela stepping into help me finish beta reading the last few chapters, Bittersweet is returning this week! This is the first day of the next three or four months of steady updates. I know I said I would be posting two chapters of Mad World a week but my writing has really slowed down over the last week or so, and I’m not sure I’ll be finished Book 2 before November. I might still hit a good stride and start churning out chapters, but you may just be getting one update a week just to make sure I still have new content often.

Anyway, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I’ve posted Bittersweet, Chapter Twenty-Five, so go enjoy and let me know what you think! Stay tuned for tomorrow — around 4 PM I will be posting the first part of my #GHWhoDunIt at The Liason Haven. I’ll update here that I’ve posted it, but you’ll have to go to the board to read it at least for a few weeks. I won’t be posting it here in its entirety for a little while 😛

See y’all tomorrow!