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January 21, 2018

First, I’ve updated the Workshop with Fool Me Twice, Part Six. I wrote it in 28 minutes. Fool Me Twice has also moved to its own page and is also on the in progress page.  I think I’m starting to pinpoint some of the issues I’m having. I’m going to keep writing my planned scenes until the resolution of the primary storyline, but I think I need to move the story back a  bit — in the sense that I need to make it a rewrite of Jason returns story, which I sort of figured.

I need more of a build up and to incorporate more from Jason. It’ll be easier to get inside Jason’s head if I take him back to when he first came home. If that makes sense. I still want to write the resolution of what I’m setting up here because you guys are invested and I still need to play with the chronology and emotions of the scene.

In other CG news, I have renewed the domain dearisobel.org for another year and transferred the registration from GoDaddy to Dreamhost. This only affects you in the sense that CG might be unavailable for a little bit at some point this week. It shouldn’t be – but if it goes down, it will only be temporary. This will just make my life easier when it comes to renewing my registration every year.

I want to update my graphics — this layout has been up for two years and I like it. I’m just ready for a change. I had hoped that Jason and Elizabeth would have shared more scenes by now — I was trying to make a layout from their one scene back in October or November, but it wasn’t coming out just right. I also have to update the Bittersweet graphics for AJ’s character and Sean Kanan.

I just ordered new Liason DVDs from Stacey at CurlyQGrl. I’ve been ordering collections from her since I was fifteen, haha — my first Liz and Lucky VHS tapes arrived in 1999. I started to order again in 2013 to update to DVDs. I now have Liz and Lucky August 1, 1997 – November 1998, Jason and Elizabeth, August 1998-April 2001, August 2002-November 2006, and Patrick and Robin November 2005-April 2006, and then November 2007-February 2008. I cannot recommend her edits enough. They’re decently priced and she even shipped international to me in London in 2014!

My new edits will take me from November 2006 through March 2008. I intend to do another round of ordering in a month or so that will get me the May-July 2002, and then 11-15, which goes from March 2008 through Steve leaving in October 2012. At that point, my Liason collection will be complete. These DVDs have been ridiculously useful in helping me write from different time periods and I wanted the 2006-08 DVDs to better write some of the things I have planned.

Anyway, she has a ton of GH edits going back to the 1980s, so check out her site.

January 17, 2018

So I forgot to post an update for the main blog that Chapter Twelve was added to Bittersweet, but it all worked out somehow because I messed up setting the category for the chapter, so it got posted to the main blog and got emailed to the subscribers. Ha.

I am soooo tired from getting up at 5 AM, leaving for student teaching 6:30, going to my second job and not getting home until 7 PM. This semester is gonna suck hard.

See y’all this weekend!

January 16, 2018

I posted a survey yesterday trying to see what people are looking for from the next season of Damaged. I know like a hundred percent of my audience is on the Liason/Victor storyline train, so I wanted to see what else about the story you guys like. So if you have a minute, fill out the survey and help me figure out what to write.

January 15, 2018

Thanks for all the great responses to the last two chapters. I’m glad that everyone is as happy as I am to have this story back. I’m still working on finishing the last few chapters — with any luck, I’ll be able to finish it up this week and we’ll be on schedule to keep posting two chapters a week.

Bittersweet, Chapter Eleven

January 14, 2018

All right, I set the timer for 90 minutes to be sure I would get what I wanted done. I finished in about 65 minutes. I’m not completely sold on this — I think the Jason dialogue isn’t quite right. I haven’t hit the right note for 2018 Jason yet. But there’s some good stuff in here, I think.

Fool Me Twice – Part Five

January 12, 2018

So I just finished my first full week of what my life is going to look like for the next fifteen weeks — sort of. I had five full days of work, some lesson planning, two nights at my second job, two nights of classes, and I attempted to wash and dry my hair twice.

I am exhausted. Ha.

So I’m going to shuffle the schedule here at CG a little bit. Full fledged one hour Workshop is going to be on Sundays. I’m off that day, I’ll have the energy, and I feel like Fool Me Twice doesn’t work that well as a micro fiction. The one time I tried 30 minutes, I still went over and I wasn’t wild about the finished product. So in order to really give that story space, I need to do it in an hour.

So we’re switching to Workshop Sundays. I might still do micro fictions on Friday if I’m feeling it, but they won’t be scheduled.

Bittersweet is staying on Mondays and Wednesdays. I said a few days ago that I had worked out the kinks in the story and it’s coming along nicely. I got to about Chapter 25 today of about 32 overall that are planned, and it’s really writing itself. I liked the other material, but it was starting to feel forced. When I finish posting Bittersweet, I’ll definitely come back and give  you guys the scoop for what I changed and post all the material I ended up cutting. I ended up doing something I think was a lot more interesting and gave me some great options for the sequel.

I’ll see y’all on Sunday for the full workshop new schedule!

January 11, 2018

Hey! Apologies! The chapters on the Bittersweet index page got shuffled. I forgot that my series plugin for WordPress gets cranky so it doesn’t automatically add the posts in order when I schedule them, so I have to manually add the part number.  It’s fixed now and I will be on top that issue going forward. Thanks to Eternal Liason for letting me know!

January 10, 2018

Thanks for the great response to Chapter Nine! I know it got left on an awkward moment, but I think Chapter 10 is going to make you really happy.

So an update on how the end of the story is going. I am going to make a major story change which is going to be better for the story overall, but I have to rewrite like 80% of the chapters already completed. I’m already ready to do that, I’ll be jumping into that today, and hopefully I’ll be able to knock those out in the next week or so. I am not worried about running out of chapters because I can easily switch back to one chapter a week to give me more time.

It shouldn’t be too bad, because I know exactly what I’m going to write and I’ll have a three day weekend after the end of my winter practicum and the start of my spring student teacher seminar.

Bittersweet, Chapter 10

January 9, 2018

Since the beginning of posting fanfiction for Liason, I have posted at a message board. The Canvas, Liason Underground, some Scrubs, GQ, and Nohnny sites. I used to use the site as a back up — I would post at the board first and then update the site eventually. I did that so often that the bbcodes from ezboard remained embedded in my HTML for some of those updates until I converted to WordPress four years ago.

When I converted to WordPress, I started using my site as the first line of contact and the other distribution areas as a way to reach more readers. I posted at a variety of sites, including Fanficiton.net, Road to Nowhere, and more recently, Archive of Our Own which has a great editor that I adore.

I do all my formatting in Microsoft Word — underline, bolds, italtics, etc. and then I can copy and paste that information to the WordPress site, to AOO, and then upload the file to Fanfiction.net.  When Road to Nowhere was still on Yuku, that wasn’t an issue. It had an HTML editor that allowed for me to copy and paste straight from WordPress.

Tapatalk does not have an HTML editor that I have located at the moment. Until it has one, I will no longer be posting fanfiction at Road to Nowhere. This is in no way a problem with the board. I’ve enjoyed posting there. But my life at the moment doesn’t allow me the extra ten minutes to post at a board when I used to be able to do it in one minute. It’s just a pain.

I am happy to post at Liason message boards in general, so if you have any recommendations for sites not on Tapatalk, please let me know!

My Legal Information & Distribution Policy has been updated to reflect this change.

January 8, 2018

The day is finally here for new material! I am scheduling this post ahead of time so that it posts early and on time.  I will be posting my chapters at 7 AM on Mondays and Wednesdays. If I have time in the morning, I will also post those updates at the other places: Fanfiction.net, Road to Nowhere, and Archive of Our Own. If not, I’ll try to get to it at the end of the day or throughout the weekend.

Bittersweet – Chapter Nine