Short Stories (1500-9,999 Words)

This short story section is for stories that are longer than my ficlets (1500 words) but not as long as my novellas, which are between 10,000-30,000 words.

I’ve arranged the stories in chronological order, going in reverse order beginning with the most recent story. Alternate Universe stories are set at the very bottom.


In Your Shoes
Set in August 2018. Elizabeth grapples with Cameron’s shoplifting and her shortcomings as a mother.
Years Go By
Set April 2018. A rewrite of The #GH55 anniversary episode in which, for once, Jason and Elizabeth are the main characters in a story on the damn show.
getwhatyouwant You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Set May 2015. When it appears Hayden intends to tell Jake the truth about his identity, Elizabeth takes preventative action and blows up her own world.
safetoloveyou Safe to Love You
Set November 2015. In the wake of revelations at the Nurse’s Ball, Jake finally learns the truth of his past.
merrychristmas A Merry Little Christmas
Set Christmas 2014. An ensemble Christmas party in the style of Love Actually. A semi-follow up to Other People’s Truths.
otherpeopletruths Other People’s Truths
Set Christmas 2014. Michael visits Elizabeth, hoping to learn more about his past.
traditions Traditions
Set 2010. Part of Hand Me Down universe. The annual Fourth of July festival in Port Charles.
No Angel
Set in Fall 2006. The moment Jason Morgan tells her that it’s better that Lucky Spencer is the father of her baby, Elizabeth Spencer snaps. It’s time to stop being the doormat and let Lizzie Webber out to play. She’s going to set  the world on fire, and she’s not sure she doesn’t mean that literally. This may not be a good story, but it’s a cathartic one.
thereare There Are
Set Fall 2006. Elizabeth and Robin discuss miracles. (Drama)
eileen Come On Eileen
Set in 2006. A fun fluff story in which Robin, Brenda and Elizabeth plan an 80s bash to raise money for AIDs research.
accidentalfate Accidental Fate
Set 2006. Robin and Patrick fall into a life together. (Fluff)
daughtertofather Daughter to Father
Set April 2006. Robin comes to terms with her relationship with Robert with some help from Patrick. (Song)
somebodysaveme Somebody Save Me
Set October 2005. Jason and Sonny hunt down Manny after he’s kidnapped Elizabeth. (Episode)
everytime Everytime
Set July 2004. Sam and Elizabeth discover common ground. (Comedy)
Set 2004. Jason wants to bring Elizabeth home to his sister. (Song)
cryophelia Cry Ophelia
Set July 2003. Elizabeth finds Carly in the panic room. (Song)
yesterdaysgone Yesterday’s Gone
Set June 2003. Write By Request: Clink-boom the Morgan/Matthews wedding. (Drama)
pleaseremember Please Remember
Set 2003. Elizabeth is making a clean break. (Song)
wheredowego Where Can We Go From Here?
Set 2003. Sequel to Please Remember. No goodbyes. (Song)
goodintentions Good Intentions
Set April 2003. Jason and Carly want Elizabeth to help find Courtney, while Carly and Elizabeth discover common ground. (Drama)
realstory The Real Story
Set March 2003. Emily returns home to find her best friend and brother relatively miserable. (2003)
applicationsadmirations Applications and Admirations (The Sweetest Thing)
Set Spring 2003. Georgie wants a job application from her role model. (Fluff)
apologies Apologies
Set February 2003. Elizabeth visits Jason in the hospital after his accident with Courtney.
adaytoremember A Day To Remember
Set February 2003. Lucky finds Elizabeth in the park and decides he’s going to help. (Drama)
isurrender I Surrender
Set January 2003. A Liason reunion story. I wrote about fifty of these, apparently. (Song)
cominghome Coming Home
Set January 2003. Jason and Brenda return from the Dominican Republic so Brenda can help Jason fix things. (Romance)
doyoueverthinkofme Do You Ever Think of Me?
Set January 2003. A rewrite of the Kelly’s confrontation scene. (Song)
illbelieveitsnotmyfault I’ll Believe It’s Not My Fault
Set January 2003. Elizabeth has just discovered Jason and Courtney’s relationship. (Song)
lizziedoes Lizzie Does Thanksgiving
Set November 2002. Elizabeth keeps waking up from her dreams just as she’s about to kiss Jason. Suck it world. (Comedy)
leftbehind Left Behind
Set October 2002. Elizabeth learns the truth about Sonny’s faked death. (Drama)
backatjakes Back At Jake’s
Set August 2002. Elizabeth returns to Jake’s and remembers their friendship. (Romance)

Alternate Universe

playingthegame Playing the Game
Alternate Universe. Elizabeth is dared by her friends to pick up a guy. NC-17.
alwaysanangel Always An Angel
Alternate Universe. Nicole’s mother is going to be angel so she has to buy her pretty earrings. (Christmas Sap)
justaswitc Just A Switch
Alternate Universe. A Rewrite of the 2003 Fan Rewrites the Show. It’s…odd. But not awful. (Drama)


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