Your update: Mad World – Chapter Thirty

I am exhausted, y’all. Two full days with the students and my brain and feet hurt like hell. I ended up with the worst kind of teacher’s duty — I have to walk the halls for all of first period. I have decent shoes, but a foot injury makes any kind of prolonged exercise like this painful without sneakers. It’s gonna be a long two and half months.

The good news is that I still managed to finish all my work before I left the day and over the last two days, I finished Fool Me Twice, Chapter 4. I’m hoping to get though 5-7 over the next four days, and if I can manage 4 chapters a week, that puts me right on schedule for October 31. And really — it’s just a matter of 2-3 scenes on weekdays, and one chapter on weekends.  My life gets even easier on Friday because the students get their laptops and almost all of the work is completed through Google Classroom. Less paperwork!

The story itself is starting to move along. There’s a lot of moving pieces, so I’m glad I left myself a lot of time for rewrites revisions. I wrote out a huge backstory that basically does what the show never did — explain the memory crap in great detail. Hopefully that lets me stay consistent. I also hit on a fun subplot for the teens — Oscar is going to exist in this universe, but I hope to make him more interesting.

I appreciated the response to Chapter 29 of MW. These chapters surrounding what happened in 29 and the reactions were some of the most difficult to write and part of where the story got hung up for me in May and June. I’m glad the trigger and content warnings have been helpful. Please let me know if I miss any.



  • One day closer to Friday and then the weekend, hope fully you can sleep in a bit and recharge. Wish I could suggest some more comfortable dressy shoes but I am fortunate to get to wear sneakers and jeans to work and have not met a dressy type shoe in any configuration that I could walk in that long. Maybe a clog type shoe? They tend to be more comfortable. The update was amazing by the way.

    According to nanci on September 5, 2019
  • Dr. Scholl’s My foot doctor says they’re every bit as good as most of the overpriced orthotics. No kidding, they got me through a major foot problem.

    According to Jane on September 5, 2019