A Bittersweet Ending (I am a dork)

Here we are. Almost two and a half years after I started this journey with all of you, my fourth full-length novel, Bittersweet has had its final chapters posted.

Chapter Thirty-Three & Epilogue

There’s a long author’s note on the epilogue that hopefully answers some questions you might have after it’s over.

If you’ve been reading all along and maybe you’re not someone who replies to every chapter, I would love to hear from you guys on this ending. I had so much fun writing this!

Thanks already to those who have voted in the NaNoWriMo poll. It looks like the 1999/2000 stories are in the lead so far which I’m excited about. I really haven’t dipped my toe into that particular period so this will be a great experience. If you haven’t voted yet, make sure you do before October 7. 

If one of the stories you’re looking forward to didn’t make the cut, don’t worry. All of the stories I put up for consideration are stories I will be writing at some point. My hope is that this being my last graduate semester for reading 500 pages a week and writing tons of papers, I will be able to go back to writing 90 minutes a day which I could do this summer. If I could write that often, you’d be getting a lot more content more often.

I’ll be back on Monday with Chapters 1 & 2 of Mad World. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS TO READ THIS!!!


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