A Little Extra: Cut Bittersweet Scenes

If you followed me during my NaNoWriMo Tweets last November, you might remember these tweets:

Chapter Sixteen, with the scene on the Brownstone at the end of the chapter is the scene this tweet referred to. I did add another chapter, but I realized I had to do more with the Jason and Elizabeth conflict. So I cut that scene in half and rewrote the chapters. I had to lose part of the story and about 5000 words.

So to make up for the lack of workshop and late chapters, I’ve given you about four deleted scenes. I hope you enjoy: Bittersweet, Deleted Scenes


  • I have enjoyed reading Bittersweet, but I have a question. Will you be doing any work on another story I fell in love with A King’s Command? I really love that time period and the story.

    According to SAUNDRA on April 6, 2018