A Workshop Item & Update

I’m going to make this quick and sweet because I’m pretty tired and it’s been a long week. It’s December 1, so where are we with Bittersweet?

The end of the semester seemed to sneak up on me suddenly this week and I had two ten page papers back to back, so I haven’t been able to do much writing. I still have about 10 chapters left to write, which I hope to get going on this week. I’m hoping for at least one day when I can just do nothing but write because I know I can knock out a few chapters all at once if I just had the time.

The good news is that I doubled how much I had for Bittersweet, going from 11 chapters to about halfway through Chapter 23. I have the first twenty chapters already sent to Cora, and I’ll be sending the last of it when I finish. Still on track to come back in January.

And to celebrate surviving November, I have a Micro Fiction for the Workshop. Written in 17 minutes without proof reading for typos: Micro Fiction: Tequila Surprises


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