Actual Update – Death by Candlelight finally added!

Hello! I’ve finally gotten a chance to edit and add my GHWhoDunIt mystery to the site. I had hoped to do it two weeks ago, but my schedule got away from me. And then my computer broke down over the weekend. I’m still not done reinstalling all my programs and settings from the reset so Death by Candelight doesn’t have a banner on the Alternate Universe page. Hopefully I’ll get that done later this week.

I’m starting a writing blog over at my other site, Dear Isobel, where I talk about my writing projects. I did that a little bit during the doomed NaNoWriMo from November 2018, so if you’re looking for any insights into what I’m writing or maybe even slight spoilers. I want to cut down on the “check in” posts here. I mean, they’re useful I guess, but I’m sure a lot of you would be happier if you only got emails from me with actual content updates. This is going to be a happy medium. You can sign up over there for blog updates. (You’d also get any other blog posts I make, though. Sometimes I write about Days or GH or post romance reviews.)

I’m setting a target date to complete Book 2 for Mad World by June 30, which would hopefully mean I could start posting it around August 1. Between now and then, I’m definitely going to be doing more flash fiction, cleaning up some old stories, looking at some of the older features and working on them. Maybe I’ll get back into doing the ebooks. I don’t know. I’ve got the time on my hands now. I’m officially done school and all I have to do now is going to work 😛

So check out the blog! If you read Death by Candlelight over at the Liason Haven, there aren’t any changes. I just cleaned up some grammar and spelling issues I missed the last time. I Iiterally wrote and posted a lot of that story while I was preparing for my orals and I think I was really stressed out about getting it edited and posted on April 15 before leaving for my exam that day. Crazy. But it’s done! If you didn’t read DbC because you didn’t want to join the message board, then here it is for you.


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