Bittersweet Updated!

Hey everyone! Thanks for the response to last week’s chapter. I’m so excited for Bittersweet to be back! While going over the final revision notes, I realized I needed to write more one more chapter. This isn’t a big deal — I probably won’t even push back Mad World — but it does mean you get to look forward to one more chapter of Bittersweet!

I’m posting Chapter 26 today. If you go to the Bittersweet story page, you’ll notice it looks like the next chapter has already been posted and has the word “Protected” as part of the title. This is because it’s password protected and available for Patreon supporters. I also plan to post a few more chapters this week to make schedule a bit easier next week, so don’t worry if you see that pop up more often going forward. All chapters are released to the general public.

Read Bittersweet, Chapter 26.

Catch the first part of #GHWhoDunit, Death Becomes Her at the Liason Haven before I post Part 2 later today at 3 PM.

Don’t forget to vote in the November NaNoWriMo poll before Friday! After that, the top two or three choices will be available for a run-off!


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