Change in Distribution Policy – More Details

Since the beginning of posting fanfiction for Liason, I have posted at a message board. The Canvas, Liason Underground, some Scrubs, GQ, and Nohnny sites. I used to use the site as a back up — I would post at the board first and then update the site eventually. I did that so often that the bbcodes from ezboard remained embedded in my HTML for some of those updates until I converted to WordPress four years ago.

When I converted to WordPress, I started using my site as the first line of contact and the other distribution areas as a way to reach more readers. I posted at a variety of sites, including, Road to Nowhere, and more recently, Archive of Our Own which has a great editor that I adore.

I do all my formatting in Microsoft Word — underline, bolds, italtics, etc. and then I can copy and paste that information to the WordPress site, to AOO, and then upload the file to  When Road to Nowhere was still on Yuku, that wasn’t an issue. It had an HTML editor that allowed for me to copy and paste straight from WordPress.

Tapatalk does not have an HTML editor that I have located at the moment. Until it has one, I will no longer be posting fanfiction at Road to Nowhere. This is in no way a problem with the board. I’ve enjoyed posting there. But my life at the moment doesn’t allow me the extra ten minutes to post at a board when I used to be able to do it in one minute. It’s just a pain.

I am happy to post at Liason message boards in general, so if you have any recommendations for sites not on Tapatalk, please let me know!

My Legal Information & Distribution Policy has been updated to reflect this change.


  • Have you tried embers imagery. Kelly didn’t want to go to Tapatalk either and she created her site. And Lisa didn’t want to move to Tapatalk either and they created

    According to Shay on January 10, 2018
  • If you fine any recommendations could you let us know? I’m at The No Name right now. I miss the Canvas, LU and FFW so much!

    According to Anonymous on January 18, 2018