Death by Candelight – Part 2 posted!

Hey! I posted Part 2 of Death by Candelight at the Liason Haven yesterday, so make sure you go check it out. As always, the story remains exclusive to the forum for at least month (I can’t remember if I waited that long to post Death Becomes Her at CG, but going forward, that’s the policy I’ll adopt). So look for the story to be posted here at CG in May and elsewhere.

I actually can’t believe I managed to finish and post it at the same time I was preparing for my orals. True story: I actually didn’t even start writing Part 2 until Saturday. I had written out the script and beats, but it wasn’t converted into prose until this last weekend. My schedule just kept collapsing on itself until I had just this last weekend. I work well under deadline, but that doesn’t mean I like it.

I had my orals yesterday and I passed. It was not enjoyable for a lot of reasons, so I don’t even feel that celebratory about it. I still have one major paper to write — a 35 page journal article whose rough draft is due on Monday, April 22. But that’s the last major assignment. Everything else is kind of run of the mill. I’m looking forward to being done. All course work is turned in on May 15, so that’s the date I’m circling on the calendar to get back to writing on a more regular basis. I go back to work full-time at that point as well, but I don’t have to come home and study anymore so that’s going to be great.

My goal is start to posting new chapters of whatever is next by August, whether it’s Counting Stars or Mad World, Book 2.  Between then and now, you’ll have some flash fictions or anything else I can whip up, but I don’t anticipate returning to regularly scheduled story posting for a few more months.

Thanks for your patience! Go check out Part 2 of Death by Candelight at the Liason Haven.


  • I just didn’t see Ava being the bad guy my money was on Carly.

    According to Shelly W Samuel on April 16, 2019