Deleted Bittersweet Material

About a year ago, I told you guys that I had decided to rewrite basically eight chapters of Bittersweet because I wanted to make a huge story change. That meant instead of being four chapters away from being done, I ended up going back to being 12 or so chapters. It took me almost six more months to finish it and another nine months before you guys got to read the completed material.

I finally got a chance to organize all the deleted stuff, and wow, it’s about five chapters worth of things. A lot of the scenes I revised with some minor changes, especially Liz grieving. But the storyline change meant other scenes were cut entirely.

Basically, I had originally planned for the story to follow 2002’s story more closely. Rather than Sonny faking Jason’s death without telling him, I had planned for Jason and Sonny to plan it together. The lie would come when Jason refused to do it without Liz, and Sonny decided to lie to her about it. Nothing I wrote was especially bad, but once I got to the part where Jason had to come back and explain himself, I just–I didn’t like it. I didn’t really believe Jason would ever do that.

So I decided to with Sonny lying to everyone and I honestly feel like that was the best change I could make. Because it allowed me to play with Sonny and Liz’s relationship in more detail, as well as Sonny and Jason more fully. Plus, I knew I could bring in more of Sonny’s history with women. And it gave me a really good way to end the story — Jason and Liz leave town. I’m glad I changed it–

But it left me with about 60 pages of unposted material. So I organized it into three sections. Some of it I’ve already posted under a different rewrite, but I reposted it in this way.  I hope you enjoy and let me know if you think I made the right decision! This can also be found on my Workshop page where I post a lot of my discarded stuff.



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