Deleted Bittersweet Scenes & Other Notes

Hey! If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve slowed down a bit writing Mad World. Not in a bad way–I’ve still written about 11 chapters in 16 days. That’s still a big improvement, so I’m not going to criticize myself because I haven’t written 12 pages every single day.

Back in December/January, as I worked to finish Bittersweet, I realized I had taken the story in a slight direction I didn’t think Jason would ever agree to. What happens in Chapter 23 was originally going to be something Jason planned with Sonny, and the real conflict would only be that Sonny lied to Liz. But I just realized as I was writing the fall out of the whole thing that I don’t buy Jason would do it. So I went back and rewrote Ch. 20-25 (which is why I ended up not finishing Bittersweet on schedule last year).

Now that we’ve finally gotten to the portion of the story I rewrote, there are some scenes here that I still really liked and I didn’t want to lose completely. There are about two chapters worth, so if you’re interested, here’s the first half, which covers most of Ch 20-23: Deleted Scenes.

In other news, I’ve been looking over my Fiction Graveyard notes, and obviously, you might be aware that I still haven’t finished re-posting all the material. Stuff the remains to be posted:

Poisonous Dreams, Version 1 (The OG A Few Words Too Many)
Shatter (a half-assed abandoned sequel to Jaded)
Aurora Dawning, Version 1
Inside Your Fear
Sing Me a Lullaby

And this is my yearly call for any missing stories I wrote in 2003. There are three long stories missing, two of which were complete, and one of which I’ve only recently remembered. There are a handful of shorts missing that I don’t even remember the name of anymore, sadly.  The first two of these were posted at The Canvas, and did exist in the archives at one point. The original board archives, not the separate ones created later.

One Day at Work – AU hostage situation.
In the Middle – AU Challenge response in which Liz played the Robin role in the Jason/Robin/Carly 1996-97 stuff.
Troubled Waters – a version of panic room fall out from fall 2003. It was going to be an alternate version of GH, and I was posting it on an ezboard site that was separate from TC, though I think I cross-posted it sometimes. My computer crashed, and the story got lost in the mix and fell off my radar.


I’ll be back on Wednesday with Bittersweet, Chapter 24!


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