Filmed a Crimson Glass Website walk through!

Hey! I’ll be back in a few days will a full update about Broken Girl and holiday stories I’m planning. In the meantime, make sure you’re checking out the YouTube channel. Over Thanksgiving break, I got sick and couldn’t really write, so I filmed a ton of videos — previews of upcoming stories, brief discussions of past stories plus some random videos. Today I posted a bunch of voiceovers of my Scrivener files and a Crimson Glass walk through.

There’s about 30 videos — all of them between 5-20 minutes, most under 15. I have a video planned for every day between now and early January. I still have a bunch to film but I’ve been busy writing. My preview videos have actual spoilers and my past stories have some show rants.

These videos don’t take away from writing time — I made most of them over two days when I literally couldn’t write. So enjoy! Here’s the CG walk through below:


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