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Apologies! The first poll did not work for some reason, so I changed plugins. Please vote again — no vote was recorded. I am publishing a new post so that email goes out again. The poll is open until midnight on June 26 so that I’ll have a couple of days to outline the winning project.


Back in 2014, when I was winding down A Few Words Too Many, I asked for you guys to pick the next project I worked on. You guys picked The Best Thing, which only proves how smart y’all are since it’s literally the best thing I’ve ever written.

So here are five descriptions of the projects I’d like to focus on in July, during Camp NaNoWriMo. Read them over, and then select your favorite in the poll

Set in Summer 2003.
Elizabeth’s hasty marriage and tragic miscarriage shortly thereafter has the people in her life worried about her, including best friend Emily Quartermaine who’s back in town to attend her brother Jason’s wedding—to her other brother’s former wife.

When Carly Corinthos, five months pregnant, goes missing before the ceremony, Elizabeth’s husband is the primary suspect. Elizabeth is forced to confront some deadly truths about herself, the men in her life, her health—and even her own past.

Carly’s kidnapping is only the starting point. What happens when everything you thought you knew about yourself proves to be a lie?

Set Spring 2006
Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber have always been friends, but it’s been a few years since they were close. That changes after Jason’s sister and Elizabeth’s best friends gets herself in deep with Sonny Corinthos, and Jason turns to Elizabeth for help. When supposedly reformed criminal Manny Ruiz gets a job at the hospital, Elizabeth looks to Jason for reassurance and protection. Their friendship is rekindled, but she’s married and he’s engaged. That’s where it starts and ends as far as they’re concerned.

A chance meeting at a spring carnival changes everything. A shot rings out, and Elizabeth’s cop husband loses his partner, and Jason’s fiancée suffers a potentially fatal injury. What happens next will destroy the futures they both thought they were building, and Elizabeth is left with more than her dreams shattered.

Set Fall 2006
Almost on a whim, Robin Scorpio accepts Nikolas Cassadine’s offer of marriage and the chance to raise his son after the truth about the paternity is revealed. Elizabeth Spencer is rebuilding her life after her husband’s drug addiction nearly killed her son, while Jason Morgan goes to work at the WSB after a breakup with his fiancée. Patrick Drake attempts to recover his dignity after Robin leaves him for the Cassadine prince, while Emily Quartermaine doesn’t understand why everything had to chance so drastically. Lucky Spencer returns from rehab to start a private investigation firm with Sam McCall.

Eight people had their world turned upside down in the Summer of 2006. They rebuild it in surprising ways with surprising romances, affairs, and friendships. But nothing lasts forever in Port Charles.

Set Fall 2007
Sequel to A Few Words Too Many. Three years after Ric Lansing was dealt with and Faith Roscoe lit out of town, Elizabeth Morgan has moved on with her life. Now married to Jason with two children (Cady and Jake), Elizabeth is a hard-working nurse and co-president of the Stone Cates foundation. She has a healthy, thriving social life with a lot of friends and family. Sonny and Carly divorced, leaving her free to marry Jax and Sonny to enjoy a variety of relationships.

Faith Roscoe has never forgotten Sonny Corinthos, and her promise to destroy his life. When she finally decided to wreak her revenge, she teams up with another Corinthos enemy: Anthony Zacchara. Death, destruction, torture? These are only the beginning.

Set in Fall 2008.
After Kate Howard is shot at her wedding to Sonny Corinthos, her brokenhearted fiancé swears revenge on the man he holds responsible—the same man Sonny has blamed for every tragedy for over a year: Johnny Zacchara. Nurse Nadine Crowell has the misfortune of witnessing the violent shootout between the two men, and Johnny turns to a time-honored tradition in Port Charles to keep her quiet: marriage.

Jason Morgan agreed to take over Sonny’s organization, but his former boss isn’t going without a fight and the two butt heads over how to handle Kate’s shooting, the drugs in Port Charles, and the Zacchara family. Jason is also attempting to build a life with fiancée, Elizabeth Webber, and their two sons, after a car accident forces Jason to take their relationship public.

Between Sonny’s temper, Nadine’s penchant for getting into trouble, Anthony Zacchara’s insanity, and Claudia Zacchara’s fierce and deadly loyalty to her brother, the mob war in Port Charles is only getting started.


  • I went with Burn in Heaven. I love sequels. I hope it wins or if it doesn’t it is something you will visit at a later date.

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