Fixed Recent Updates & Organized Flash Fiction

When I was posting my new flash fiction yesterday, I realized how disorganized the Flash Fiction page had become. So I reorganized it by category and fixed it so that all the flash fictions I’ve posted have a place to go now.

I also went through and added all the Recent Updates from this entire year as well as finishing up December. I’m pretty bad at remembering to take care of that page, I know, heh.

In case you missed it, I did add a new flash fiction yesterday — an addition to the Desperate Measures flash fiction I posted back in March. That’s another idea I might take and push into a longer story at some point. I want to write a wrap-up flash fic for Fool Me Twice at some point so I can put that back into novel development.

Desperate Measures, Part 2


  • Looks great and, frankly, given a choice between site maintenance, new fiction and you taking time to have a life away from school and your computer, I think you have prioritized things just right these past months. P.S. I too am glad to see the orange background go. The white feels much cleaner.

    According to Living Liason on June 11, 2019