Flash Fiction and Mad World website!

Hey, first things first. I’ve updated Fool Me Twice with Part 12. This was written in 57 minutes with no editing for typos.

Second, I finished the Mad World website where you can view the cast list and get ready for me to post the first two chapters on Monday. I decided to go ahead and update twice a week even though Book 2 won’t be ready to go right after it’s done.

Mad World, Book 1, will wrap up in the first or second week of December which will be the same time I’m working on Damaged, Season 3 and Book 2. And if Counting Stars wins the poll, that story could be ready for posting as early as January. Damaged will be back in February, and Book 2 will be not long after that.

I’ll let you guys know the actual posting schedule once I can firm it up a bit more.  A couple of things have to go right in the next two weeks to know for sure.

Enjoy the flash fic and i’ll see you guys on Monday with Mad World!



  • Super excited, thank you.

    According to Kikimoo on October 5, 2018