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When I last updated the new “flash fiction” series, Sky is Falling, I mentioned I would be basically workshopping it as a flash fiction series and that I would be probably rewriting the King’s Command flash fiction series as well. I’m actually going to overhaul the Flash Fiction page and its entries in order to really work with this idea.

There’s little change to you, except that the names of the page will change and I won’t be numbering them anymore. I’ll be trying out smaller concepts and ideas, as well as longer ones. Do I have enough material to keep going?

Like I said, you guys won’t really notice a difference. I just wanted to explain why the page name changed and the entry titles are going to look different going forward. Oh, and also — I have to fix links on the Recent Updates page, so for now, if you’re looking for Flash Fiction entries mentioned in previous post, you need to find it using this link: Workshop. I’ll be updating the links later after work.

I did a ton of writing on Mad World this week and I’m finally in the sweet spot. I had the chance to write the scene that was at the center of the reason as to why I took the story out of the 2004 universe with the Brooke and Alexis stories and focused it more firmly on Elizabeth in 2003. It’s always really satisfying to finally write a scene you’ve been looking forward to months.

I’m scheduled to finish the first draft sometime this week, and I’ll keep you posted for an official release date.


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