Fool Me Twice & Next Week

Hey! My original plans for the evening didn’t work out (I was gonna play my Random Legacy Challenge on the The Sims 4 but the gallery and I are having a fight so it’s not working out) so I decided to finally update Fool Me Twice.  So here is Part 11.

Also a note about next week: Bittersweet is going to return on Wednesday. Chapter 25 will be posted at 7 AM. If you are a Patreon supporter, you will get that chapter on Monday at 7 AM. Every supporter at the $1 tier and above will get two day early access to new chapters. So Wednesday updates on Monday, and Monday updates on Saturdays.

I haven’t decided exactly how to do this yet — whether to password protect the entries here at CG or upload the files straight to Patreon. Keep tuned and if you’re a supporter, you should get an email when it gets posted.


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