Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, you guys! I hope you all had a safe, fun evening last night 🙂 I’m back with my updated copy of Bittersweet, Chapter Two. A week from today, I’ll be posting Chapter Nine, which is brand-new.  See you guys tomorrow!


  • I am so excited you are coming back around to this story!
    If I do hope for anything in this story it is that you have a moment for your Liz (and maybe others) where she recognizes/appreciates the irony that she of all people ends up being the arbiter of what is best for Michael. Like, Carly is totally rolling over in her grave that it’s ELIZABETH of all people, that is the one who ends up having Michael’s best interest at heart.

    According to Emily on January 1, 2018
  • Happy New Year to you too…. just want to say….o love reading your stories of our OTP Liason… lol…i wish you write for the actual gh show now…. the way it’s going is garbage…. how the he’ll can we be expected to just accept that Jason is picking sam over Liz is just inconceivable to me, especially for those who know Liason history…. please keep writhing b and I will keep rain b… your stores are just like watching a better version of the show

    According to Levonne on January 2, 2018