Has it really been six weeks?

I’m not sure how this happened, but here we are in April. Nothing about this semester at school has worked out quite as I hoped.  When I went back full-time for my undergraduate degree in 2009, I pretty much disapeared from the fandom and fanfiction altogether. I managed to write during the year I was in graduate school because that program wasn’t very demanding and I only worked last year. I’m going to have to fight to keep that from happening again.

Since January, I’ve been sick with a stomach virus and a sinus infection. I’ve juggled two graduate reading seminars with online classes and Macroeconomics (which  I mostly had to teach to myself because the teacher wasn’t really effective). I’ve also worked three days a week, looked after my nieces and nephew, dealt with the general responsibilities of being the only single member of my family who can take care of everyone — and my best friend is getting married in a wedding in June where I’m the maid of honor.

Since the beginning of the year, since finishing The Best Thing, I’ve literally written maybe three full chapters of anything. I’ve edited, refined, reoutlined, but I haven’t really had a minute to write. It’s been…it’s just not been what I had hoped. I can’t even find time to read for fun anymore, much less write fanfiction.  I’m also about to enter the worst month of the semester — as a history student, I don’t just have finals, I have final papers. I have a 12-20 page paper, another 8-10, plus finals in all those classes–yeah, April is a pain. And my beta, Cora, is also a college student, so you can imagine the insanity of two college students trying to find time for this stuff

That being said, I do have nine chapters written of Bittersweet, five of which are with Cora. I’m hopeful to have the first chapter up either this week or next. I’ll be posting them Thursdays to keep room for Damaged (which is on my schedule, but talk about not having time…) I’ll finish the last scene for Chapter 10 in Bittersweet, and send those five to her, which should give me a decent buffer zone to get through the second week of May. Then…school ends. The wedding stuff takes a bit of a breather before the ceremony in June. I’ll be working, but I was able to write last year while that was going on.

I am going to get back on track. I have not disappeared. But as much as I would love to do nothing but sit at home and write fanfiction, no one’s paying me to do that, ha, and I have to do my real life stuff first. This is the worst part of being an adult.

In the mean time, I have more than a hundred stories on this website, with an archive that goes back thirteen years. Please please take the time to read, or even reread. I can’t think of many Liason authors still around from 2002 who are not only still (sort of) active, but also have their full backlist up for consumption and work as hard as I do to make them readable for you. I love you guys, believe me, I think about this site and my stories in all my spare times — but I just….I can’t get my schedule together yet. I will be posting soon. I’m excited for you guys to see what I’ve done with Bittersweet.


  • I’m not going to pretend I haven’t missed your writing but you have to do what works for your life. By the way, how did your family manage to survive while you were in Europe? Something tells me they could do it now.

    Because I spent most of my life suffering from sinus and ear infections, I’ll give you some advice on the subject. #1 quit consuming dairy for at least 3 months as a trial period. I’m betting your sinus issues will go away. #2 daily use of a neti pot with Himalayan salt and distilled water, no substitutes.

    I hope everything gets back on track for you soon. Like you said, the wedding mess will go away before long and the history papers will get written. You’ll keep getting viruses until your kids force your immune system into ninja mode.

    We’ll be here waiting.

    According to Jane on April 4, 2016
  • I forgot to say this: Quit feeling guilty. You’re fine. Like you said, there’s plenty to read on the site already, so we’re fine too.

    According to Jane on April 4, 2016
  • Completely agree with the comment before mine. Of course we miss your writing but you need to stop feeling guilty! We are fans of your work and will be patient. You have enough going on and don’t need to worry about us going anywhere. You’re an amazing writer & we all look forward to your work. Hope things slow down for you a bit. Your life is exhausting me just reading it! 😉

    According to KrisMarie on April 4, 2016
  • Ditto from me! I’m just glad you’re still out there kickin’ butt! At least, that’s what it sounds like you’re doing. I’ve been savoring the library of works you have already given us to enjoy.

    According to Carla on April 4, 2016
  • Jane hit the nail on the head, especially with her second post – don’t add guilt to what’s going on. I can read, and re-read to my heart’s content, and when you will return I will enjoy the new stories. Once you have passed all your courses, and the wedding is over, we can see more of you!

    According to Jo-Ann on April 4, 2016
  • Just glad to know you are okay. I echo comments above about going dairy free. I also highly recommend acupuncture – as someone who used to spend several months a year on antibiotics for sinus infections, my first and often only stop is now Acupunture. Good luck with school. Sounds like you have your priorities in order!

    According to LivingLiason on April 5, 2016