Introducting Micro Fiction!

I wanted to get a flash fiction done tonight, but I’ve been tired all week. Split shifts at work, dog sitting, and a low-grade sinus infection. Still, I’m committing to writing as often as I can so I decided to set my timer for 30 minutes and write.

I actually kind of like what I ended up with — I wrote it in about 21 minutes, and it’s inspired by the Catherine Gayle Thursday release, Power Play. If you love contemporary romance, you should be reading Catherine Gayle.

In other news, it’s been confirmed that Steve Burton is returning to General Hospital. I haven’t watched regularly in about a year or so, but if he’s staying long term and isn’t just a hallucination as rumored, it might just be the kick I need for my writing. To see Steve and Becky together again…*sigh* I liked Billy and I enjoyed watching his version of Jason up until the point Jason Morgan got his memories back. Billy made a good amnesia!Jason but he’s just not Jason Morgan for me, so I tuned out.

We’ll see what happens.

For now, here’s your first Micro Fiction: Spontaneous Combustion. I plan to come back tomorrow with a Flash Fiction, either continuing my Scottish romance or the mystery thriller thing I wrote last week. We’ll see what the muse wants to write.


  • I liked that little tid but fiction….i have read most of your stories and find them awesome…i love how you get Jason and Elizabeth just right…. I also stopped watching gh…. id’s gone down hill a dc turned into the not so good Carly sonny Jason and sam show….HATE SAM!!!lol….i think there is more story for Liason even all these years later…. please continue writing…. ill get my fix here

    According to Levonne on July 1, 2017