July at Crimson Glass

Unsurprisingly, Mad World won the Camp NanoWriMo poll, though it was really close — I think at the end only about five votes separated Mad World from Broken Girl.  As you might remember, I worked on Mad World for last year’s July event and finished a draft of it in September. It was an okay draft, but I had some ideas to really do something interesting with Elizabeth’s story and do more with the panic room storyline.

So my goal this summer to get that rewrite finished. To get the story through the panic room story, and then spend August combining last year’s draft with this year’s, and put together something you guys can read this fall.

Bittersweet should be returning sometime in July. I’ve written through Chapter 29 and plan to finish the last few chapters this week. I’ll keep you guys in the loop and I should have a return date sometime soon. Thanks for your patience there.

I should also return to updating Smoke and Mirrors either this weekend or next week. I’m still kind of working on a routine and it’s hard when my work schedule is all over the place.  Writing is back in my daily schedule but not always the way  I want it to be.

This year, during Camp NaNoWriMo, I’ll be tweeting about my progress and maybe even posting small snippets on Twitter. Follow the hashtags #crimsonglass and #cgmadworld to make sure you don’t miss anything if that’s something you’re interested in.

In extracurricular news, I’ve started a Summer Reading Project to boost my novel reading numbers. I’m rereading my favorite romance series and then reviewing them. Check out my personal blog for more information. I’m also writing a weekly post about how I would write current GH storylines, and I plan to add some other content later this summer.


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