I can’t believe I finally get to type this!! I’ve been working on Mad World for the last year or so. It was my Camp NaNoWriMo project in July 2017 & 2018 so I’m so glad you guys are finally going to get to read this (and that I can finally start planning something else to write, haha)

I’ve posted Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 of Mad World: Break Me Down. I decided to post two chapters today for a few reasons. One, I posted the first chapter about a year or so ago and it’s mostly intact. I wanted you guys to have new material today. Two, Mad World has an odd number of chapters so this lets me complete the story on a Wednesday.

So excited for you guys to read this! Thanks to Angela for beta reading this and providing support!

I’m working on posting it at the other sites and doing the usual housekeeping stuff (adding to in progress sections, etc).

As for NaNoWriMo 2018, this is the best part of the news: for the first time in two years, I get to start a brand new project. My November 2016 & 2017 projects were both Bittersweet.

It’s going to be Counting Stars! Which is actually great news for you guys. I was worried about the other choices because they’re a bit more longer and more in depth ensemble pieces. Counting Stars is a much more contained unit, akin to All We Are, which was only 16 chapters.

This means I’m more likely to finish Counting Stars in November and have it ready for you guys in January to limit breaks in posting content. Thanks to everyone who voted!


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