Mad World Updated!

Your Update: Mad World – Chapter Twenty-Eight.

I’m going to keep this short and brief (as much as I ever can) because it’s past 9 PM here and I almost forgot to schedule this post for tomorrow morning. I’m three days into staff development week and loving every minute of my new job. It’s trippy being at my old high school, seeing how much has changed. The hallways still mostly look the same, and one of my old English teachers is still in the same room she was when I was a sophomore in 2000. I’ve passed her room a few times and literally had a moment of thinking, damn it, I’m late for Brandt again!

But this week is not only my first at the new job, it’s also the week my parents are closing on their new house and if I want my house to myself, I need to help them pack and move this weekend. So my four day weekend before classes start isn’t going to be a lot of relaxation, heh.

I haven’t been able to write this week yet — it’s been a struggle getting things set up, getting into some sort of routine, figuring out what my energy level is once I’m home. I’m still not quite in the groove yet – I honestly won’t know until the end of next week when I’ve got things sorted out and I’ve been through a few regular school days. I still don’t anticipate  insane issues with my October 20 deadline for FMT.  Even if I only write half a chapter every day, I might push the first draft out to November 3. But there are going to be days when I write full chapters. If I’m no further along by September 10, I’ll revise accordingly.  I set that production schedule before I got hired for this long-term gig and ended up having to work this week.

Just a reminder that Patreon tiers were revised — the ebook for Mad World, Book 2 will be released on Sunday, September 1 on the Crimson Adored tier if you’re interested.


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