Minor Updates

Hey! Just a small update to mention that I added Chapter 31 of The Best Thing on Friday. Remember to subscribe to the site using the link to the right under “Subscribe to this Blog” You’ll get brand-new chapters delivered to your emails seconds after they’re posted so you’re not always dependent on me remembering to add a post to the main page.

I also got around to updating the page that lists updates without chatter. I always forget to do that, sorry!

And in more important news — I finished writing The Best Thing. After roughly twenty-one months, I finished the last chapter (Chapter 34 to be exact) on Saturday. It felt weird to finally be writing the scenes I had been planning for ages. I’ve sent them to Cora, so I may not be quite done with the story, but the first draft is officially done, so that’s a major part of the battle. We might actually stay on an actual schedule after all. Now I can concentrate on Bittersweet 🙂


  • Sorry to say this, but there is a link to a Chapter 32 in TBT. Is this just a tease or something? I’m happy for you that your goals are coming to fruition. That is the best feeling ever!

    According to kcke2pen on January 18, 2016
  • Hey! Where are you seeing a link to TBT 32? I looked on the page and I didn’t see it.

    According to Melissa on January 18, 2016
  • Never mind, haha. I found it! It was on the Recent Updates page. I fixed it, sorry!

    According to Melissa on January 18, 2016