New Flash Fiction & Workshop Redesigned

I’ve separated the Flash Fiction from the Workshop and re-envisioned what the Workshop is going to be. It’s still going to be a place for me to run some ideas past you guys and put older versions of stories (Homecoming is the origin of Smoke and Mirrors, for example). But it’s also going to be a place for me to better organize some of the extra materials I’ve posted here.

I have discarded stories and plot sketches as well as deleted scenes, and though I’ve posted them up until now, I don’t feel like they’ve been easily accessible or explained. So the Workshop is under construction.

I’ve added a new page for Flash Fiction, and organized the series more effectively. I’ll be bringing the other flash fiction series I was working on last year–from Sky is Falling to A King’s Command as well the return of Fool Me Twice, etc.

I’ve also posted another part for Count on Me as well. You can find the first part on the Flash Fiction page and click below to read the second part.

Count on Me – Part 2


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