New Layout!

After around thirty months of Becky, pink, and blue, we’re moving on to a Liason themed layout with bright bold orange, red, and blue! There are a few kinks I’m working out. Let me know if you have any issues with any of the pages or if the colors don’t work for you. I’m excited to have a new layout finally! I don’t adore the header (I mostly like it, but I think I can do better) so it may change at some point.

I also figured out the alignment issues in my theme so that I can bring back these little themed photos. I used them for the first year or so you could tell at a glance what stories were updated.  I’ll be back this weekend I hope with either Smoke and Mirrors or maybe a Micro Fiction.


  • I love it. The pictures you used for header are one of my favorite set of pictures of Becky and Steve.

    According to Jasmine on July 19, 2018
  • Really don’t like the ?orange? it glares

    According to Leasmom on July 21, 2018