New Micro Fiction & Revision Update

I wrote a new Micro Fiction, Mail Order Bride, because I didn’t really have the energy for a full hour and I also had this idea playing in my head.

I’m making headway in getting caught up with reading and taking notes that I put off last week to draft Mad World. I had a few extra hours yesterday and started doing some revision exercises.  I didn’t actually edit anything, but I started looking at scenes, tracking narratives and characters arcs. I found some holes — I’m going to need to add about 4 chapter in the front of the story, and probably sprinkle another 2 or 3 chapters in the middle. Just adding content, playing around with what I wrote.

I won’t know until maybe the end of the week just how much work I’ll be doing — if anything needs a big overhaul or just light editing and addition of new scenes.

I still have to fix the broken links from the changing of the Flash Fiction page to Workshop; I just haven’t had a chance yet.


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