Official Bittersweet Return Date & 2018

Now that we’re passed the first week of December, I wanted to give you guys a better sense of where Crimson Glass is going in 2018.

Starting December 31, I’ll start posting Bittersweet. From December 31 to January 7, I’ll be re-posting Chapters 1-8. They haven’t been hugely rewritten, but they’ve been cleaned up and slightly to adjust to better suit the later part of the story. You don’t have to reread, but I would recommend. Re-posting them here at CG will just make it easier for me to re-post them at the other archives.

Then, starting January 8, I’ll be posting two new chapters of Bittersweet a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Bittersweet will run through March. After concluding, we’ll be taking the month of April off, and then in May, my hope is that Mad World will be ready. More on that in a second.

On Fridays, I’ll be posting a workshop item. I’m workshopping a few alternate universe ideas: the murder mystery one I started in the fall, the Scottish story, the magic story, and then I’m playing around with a few others.

Regarding Mad World: I’ve actually re-envisioned the story and it’s going to be almost an alternate version of the show set in the summer of 2003. It’ll be divided into three parts: a rewrite of the panic room and the kidnapping as the first book, and then the next two books deal with two more events set — the original Mad World idea moved back to 2003, and then a third one wrapping things up and dealing with the end of the Ric storyline.

There’s no reason to think I won’t be able to make the May 2018 publication date for Mad World. I’m scheduled to finish Bittersweet this week, and then I should be almost finished the first book in MW by the first week in January, and I’ll just plow through books two and three in January, February, and March.

I’m working on Damaged, it’s still a struggle to make storylines fit together and I haven’t given it enough attention. I’ve been trying to figure out why it’s not working for me, and I’m not there yet. I will be, eventually. It’s not the first time I’ve put Damaged on the shelf for awhile, but we’re at two years now and I feel super bad about that. I’m hoping that once I figure out why Season 3 is being annoying, I can plot that and Season 4 at the same time, at which time I plan to conclude the Victor storyline. There’s no thought for a Season 5 at the moment.

So in 2018, you should get about four full-length novels from me as well as various workshop items, short stories, and possibly Damaged. But you will be getting Bittersweet and all three books in Mad World. That’s a promise.

I’ll be back tonight to kick off Workshop Fridays 🙂


  • Your promise is as good as gold to me!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work, Melissa. I know there’s an intrinsic desire to write that drives you to keep on keeping on but I’m still so in awe of your willingness (and, dare I say eagerness?) to share your talent with the rest of us.

    I’m one of those who keeps checking in for ‘Damaged’ and even with the ongoing uncertainty I’m still brimming with excitement for all your upcoming releases! Suffice it to say: thank you, thank you, thank you!

    According to EternalLiason on December 8, 2017