Round-Up Post, Chatter, Nonsense. Whatever.

I really really really hate writing titles for these posts. It’s either boring “Story Title Here Updated” or just “Round-Up” or something else equally inane. I’ll have to work on that schtick.

allweareSo let’s get things underway. First, I have Chapter Fifteen for All We Are. There are only two chapters of this left — we’re still scheduled to finish up on August 10 as scheduled. However, I still haven’t had these last two chapter beta read, so I won’t be posting this at, Archive of Our Own, or The Road to Nowhere until they are. I really really hope to have the ebook ready by next week so I can do the giveaway.

Second, Damaged was updated on Friday. I hope you guys have read it — please remember to drop me a line if you damagedenjoy it (or hell, if you hate it, I can always use some help). I’m going to start posting over here that it’s updated since I can’t figure out how to get my Facebook posts to automatically updated from that installation the way I can for this. Anyway. Not important. What is important is that Damaged, Episode 2 was posted and Episode 03 will arrive on schedule.

Third, Bittersweet is offically a go. I’m storyboarding the scenes as we speak and plan to post the bittersweetfirst chapter on Monday, August 24. So check out the story page that’s already set up and get ready to turn back the clock thirteen years to a time when Courtney was the sweet girl that AJ loved and Sam was still Livve on Port Charles. Ha.

And lastly, I’ll be updating tomorrow with the Fiction Graveyard story, Tangle. I’m still cleaning up the other stories, and they haven’t really been on my list of priorities.

Have a great week! Let me know what you think of All We Are. I’ll see you tomorrow with Tangle, Wednesday with The Best Thing, and Friday with Damaged. šŸ™‚


  • Ooooooh, so excited about everything. *dances around*

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