Snow Day!

I’m telling you, there are days when I feel like prayer works because we got our blizzard, woot! I mean, not here in Camden County but it’s bad enough that my school district closed and my second job at a tutoring center just cancelled for tonight. Freedom, my friends. FREEDOM.

I’m posting early so I can get to my other daily tasks this morning and spend part of the afternoon writing. I’m excited about where I am in Mad World, so it’s been frustrating not to have time or energy to write. This nine day practicum is a super waste of my life because the guy I’m with teaches science and social studies, I’m only there to see social studies, and he does, at best, an hour spread over three block periods. Ugh.

But I’m super excited for student teaching, which will give me a lot more control over the composition of my day, and I’ll also be done work an hour earlier (going in an hour earlier, but oh well). We’ll see how the schedule goes.

There is some good news on the Bittersweet front. I stopped writing it about three weeks ago, and then yesterday and this morning, I reread the material I had written, and there are still problems but I don’t think I have to do anything super drastic to fix them. Just edit a few things, change the POV for a few other scenes, but I feel better than I did before.

Here is your updated Bittersweet, Chapter 5. See y’all tomorrow.


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