Story & Site Status

Hey, it’s time again — what’s going in my writing and at Crimson Glass in general. I try to do these every couple of months so you can see what I’m working on. If you have a question about something that I didn’t cover here, please feel free to ask!

At the Site

  • I’m doing some behind the scenes work — fixing broken links, cleaning up the Workshop and the discarded material. Just some under the engine work y’all probably won’t notice.
  • I have lot of plot sketches and material for stories I ended up not pursuing, and I want to find the best way to post this material for you guys. It’s been kind of set off on the page in the side and it’s been a list of posts.

Stories – In Progress

  • Bittersweet. I apologize for the hiatus with this story. Like I said, a family issue came up and it’s stalled in the beta process for a bit. I’m hoping we’ll be back with the next two weeks.
  • Mad World. Book 1 is completed. I have four more chapters to revise and run through, but it’s 19 total chapters, around 250ish pages, and 90,000 words. I’ll be posting it in October, actual date TBA. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll be posting one or two chapters a week. It’s going to depend on writing Book 2 goes. My work schedule has been awful the last two weeks but I’ve got some time next week and I plan to dig back in.
  • #GHWhoDunIt. I’ve been asked to contribute a short story at The Liason Haven the first weekend in September (September 7). The entry is a short story divided into two parts. The first part is posted on Friday night, and you guys have two days to guess the bad guy, and then I post the conclusion. I’ve already started (I’m about 75% done Part 1), and I’m super excited. I’ll be linking the posts here and then posting the full short story at CG after the weekend is over.
  • Smoke and Mirrors. Ack! I am so sorry this fell by the way side. It’s coming back, I promise, I might just convert it into a Flash Fiction series. I’ll let you guys know more next week.
  • Flash Fiction will be a regular feature again. I just want to wait until I get back to school and my regular job so I can best arrange my time. Until then, you’ll just have to pay attention to my Twitter feed to see when I’m setting the timer.

Coming Up Next

  • NaNoWriMo in November. I’ve participated in the last two years and won — both times writing Bittersweet. I’ve done Mad World the last two Julys. I’m looking forward to doing something new. I’ll be posting a poll in the beginning of October with some choices for you guys to vote on.
  • Damaged Season 3. *sigh* I know. I know. I keep promising it. The stars haven’t aligned yet, but I expect to be posting Season 3 sometime in the next calendar year. The second I know more, you’ll know.  It’s just been a giant pain and I’m still ironing out some issues.
  • Mad World, Book 3. This is not going to be something I tackle right away. I’m still working on the synopsis, but I’ll be taking a break from Mad World when I finish Book 2, so you probably won’t see Mad World, Book 3 until later in the summer.

On the Drawing Board

  • These Small Hours, For the Broken Girl, Feels Like Home, and Burn in Heaven. These are all stories that will probably be options in the NaNoWriMo poll. I’m going to try to have full sample first chapters for you guys to decide on.
  • Counting Stars and Fallen From Grace are in outlining stages. I can’t quite decide what I want to do with these concepts.
  • Collision remains in the concept stages. A lot of the original ideas don’t work the same before, but I still want to pursue the main storyline.


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