Surprise! Flash Fiction!

So I was at the bookstore today and came across a book of 100 prompts for romance authors. I figured, what the hell. So I bought it.

My plan is to pick a prompt and write as many flash fictions as it takes to get to the end of a story. So hopefully, I’ll be back again next week. I wrote this in 40 minutes, but did not go back to really edit or do anything with it. I have no idea where it’s going or it’s going to make sense, but this is part of my practice to stop letting shit get in my head and just write. So I wrote.

Flash Fiction #10: The Wrong Place


Edit: Apologies — the link didn’t post at first, which is really gonna suck for people subscribing to this 😛


  • Yay!!!! Can’t wait to read it. Glad to see you are writing again. And, the trick will be – just do it. You’ll find your groove again. . . even if it means abandoning these characters and creating new ones. Mostly, just remember to let it be fun and something you enjoy. If you put too much pressure on your self and make it something you feel like you should do or you have to do, the joy won’t return.

    Okay -off to read before I return to work/family obligations.

    According to livingliason on June 27, 2017